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Bodyweight circuits daily?

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    Originally posted by john b View Post
    the first set usually 100-125 depending on the day......... at least 80-85 avg for 5 sets
    pull ups are real tuff after 3 rd st i struggle to get 10-12
    How far up and down are you going?

    I'm not trying to be one of those "dude your form isn't proper" dicks who obviously can't touch the guy's numbers... I'm genuinely curious. I just notice that I can get many more reps when I stop myself from going completely extended at the top, and not "all" the way down at the bottom, and go super fast.

    Just wondering what your range of motion and speed are like when you do a set of 125 pushups. That's friggin' insane man, I hope to be at that level some day.

    I've been doing them basically extended at the top because I've read it's better for your shoulders, and pretty low, sometimes skimming my nose on the carpet.


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      My chest goes to the floor, I kinda have to look up a little, and strong and kinda fast up. Solid abs, no slouching. I can do about 20 good ones, then any after are 'strainers'

      When I do fast ones, I can bash out about 35+, blasting my tris.

      I find slow ones, I get more scapula involvement which is important to me as mine are slightly winged.