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  • Chronic Cardio Question

    I have read so much regarding chronic cardio I am a little confused as to how much is too much. I love working out, it is what I do for fun, but ultimately my goal is to get as lean as possible. I realize most leanness is accomplished with strict diet, but I do not want my excercise to be counter productive to my diet goals.
    For starters, I work a desk job that keeps me sitting for most of the day, usually about 9 hours a day. I feel that since I do so much sitting I should be able to workout more to make up for the daily inactivity. My weekly workout schedule is as follows:
    Crossfit - 2-3x per week
    Heavy lifting day - 1x per week
    Jogging 2-5miles - 2-3x per week
    3-5 mile walks - 1-2x per week
    Daily walks with the dogs 30min - 1hr

    Obviously if you do the math on the weekends I will double up and take part in a couple of physical activities per day. The only time I take a day off is after a heavy lifting day. Or, if I over indulge on yummy dark beers, but ususally I can always muscle through a run no matter how bad the hangover.
    For what it is worth I do average about 7hrs a night sleep. I do a mini IF everyday and never eat breakfast.

    Sorry for the long post, but I would greatly value the opinions of the others on here on whether or not I am doing too much, or if I can keep on trucking. I wanted to propose this question to the primal folks, because most of my fitness minded friends are of the mindset the more the better, so I already know what their answer would be to my question...
    Also, while I don't know my BF%, I weight 148lbs, 5'5", and am a size 4/6 female with alot of muscle. My ultimate goal is seeing my abs while not losing my boobs....

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    Well, just comparing to primal guidelines you're probably a bit over. Keep the jogs easy conversational pace and the xfit down to twice/week and you'd be on plan.

    I can vouch for erring on the side of caution. After 50 years of doing nothing alternated with doing too much I now find it terribly difficult to do a useful program that doesn't make something hurt.


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      I don't think it's how much in terms of time a workout becomes chronic. If you were on the high end of the Blueprint's recommendation of 5 hours of low level activity (and I think Mark says you could even do more if you wanted) that would be far more (in terms of time) than many people who are probably guilty of chronic cardio. I think it's time spent at heart rates above 75%.

      This week I cut my chronic cardio back to 3 hours at about 65%MHR and found than I never got the desire for a post-workout binge. This was huge for me because I would normally burn 300-500 calories in a half-hour session of "chronic" cardio and then over eat and probably give back most of those calories. This week I cut down on intensity and burned around 500 calories in a full hour session but didn't feel the need to ramp up my eating so it was essentially all caloric deficit (hopefully fat burning).


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        3-5 mile walks - 1-2x per week
        Daily walks with the dogs 30min - 1hr
        Unless you're going fast enough to breathe hard and sweat, I don't even count these as work-outs; I put them under the category of "active life-style".