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Chronic knee pain

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  • Chronic knee pain

    So I have had some mild knee pain for about a year. Like i said the pain itself is very mild and is usually present when walking. It's still pretty annoying and I fear it might get worse over time. The pain usually comes when walking, sometimes it's a bit worse sometimes I can't feel anything. Doing squats doesn't hurt at all.

    So I went once to a GP and she had no idea and told to see a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist didn't find anything wrong with my knee. She just said I'm slightly flat footed and told that I might need custom shoe insoles. Instead I ended up reading about barefoot running and how it might help knee pain and people with flat foot. So I have been walking in minimal footwear for 1-2 months but the knee-pain is still there, but now usually in both knees whereas before it was just in left knee. Might be also a wrong technique but looks like the barefoot walking is not helping much.

    Does any of you have suggestions what could be causing the pain? Maybe the custom shoe insoles could help? Maybe it's some kind of chronic inflammation? I'm 23 years old so some kind of arthritis is probably pretty unlikely but who knows.

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    Do you do squats and lunges? They will make the muscles and connective tissues around your knees much stronger if done consistently and with appropriate resistance (which in the beginning will probably just be your body weight).
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      Also, have you cut out grains? That made the difference for me. If you are new to PB, give it a month or so after you have cut out eating any grains. That's how long it took for my knee pain to go away. Prior to that, I couldn't kneel at all on my right knee, the bursitis or whatever was in there was too painful. It's completely gone now.


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        Years ago I had a mountain biking injury to my right knee they (the docs of course) said needed surgery. I did heal it with proper diet but it took some time.
        2 years ago I fell on my knee while bouldering and developed an injury to the left knee, it was very painful and again they said it needed surgery.

        I took swift action and started using a pretty expensive collagen supplement that's hard to get- it worked but I could not justify the price so I switched to Neocell and used that and now use another collagen one (Reserveage collagen booster) which I took along with anti- inflammatory herbs(turmeric - I used New Chapter's formulas) and medicinal mushrooms. My knee healed up and it did take some time but the pain is completely gone and it had been very painful.
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          I have what all my doctors/physios etc have called 'the most severe case of flat feet I have ever seen'. Consequently, I get a lot of knee troubles in various ways. Custom insoles, stretching and foam rolling have all helped.

          The one thing I want to get across here though is that if you really do have feet similar to mine, barefoot walking and vibrams etc are not meant for you. Going barefoot only works if your feet are correctly formed to do that job. Mine are not, and perhaps yours aren't either.

          Knee injuries are different from the structural imbalances caused by flat feet, which result in knee pain. I would recommend getting some custom insoles made, and investing in a foam roller to use on your IT band and piriformis (Google for tutorial videos). Stop the barefoot walking.
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            ankle and hip mobility could be your issues too...


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              Your lifestyle is not supposed to be taken easily. You need to carry out efficient actions to address the knee ache issue before it gets control of the day-to-day activities. Your personal doctor can guide you to choose a proper treatment once you experience knee pain diagnosis.


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                I had knee pain for years. I tried custom orthotics, inserts etc. with little to no help. I tried 'Superfeet' fitted by the owner of the store, my 'arch' (or lack of arch) is significantly further forward than average, got the longest size and cut significant portion off the toe area to fit shoes. Knee pain resolved.
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