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    I have owned my vibrams for about 3.5 months. And about 2 weeks ago I noticed 3 holes at he bottom near the end of the toe. I did not like this fact and was worried I would have to buy a new pair which I do not have the money for.

    I called the company today and the lady made me aware of there 90 day money back guarantee. I had no idea about this but I do now!! She told me to print out the return slip and send it in with the shoes and they will replace them even though its been more than 3 months.

    How awesome is that?!

    I am going to miss them for a couple of weeks but it will be worth it!
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    That is nice. With this bad economy, customer service is on the rise bigtime! I see it improved everywhere, especially retail and restaurants. 5 years ago, you couldn't get them to even acknowledge you.


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      Yeah, Vibram has always had great customer service. I've had problems with my VFF a couple times (for instance, the heel straps on KSOs tearing too quickly, sizing issues, poor fit), and the return/exchange policy has really been quite excellent. So are the people who answer my calls. Great group they have up there.

      The only downside is the need to pay for shipping on returns/exchanges. But that's minor. Other than that, they remind me very much of Zappo's.
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        Originally posted by Velocity View Post
        The only downside is the need to pay for shipping on returns/exchanges. But that's minor. Other than that, they remind me very much of Zappo's.
        It's well worth it!!
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          totally agree. i had a few torn seams on mine so i went to store i bought them at (after they're return policy expired) to ask about a warranty. they said vibram was big on creating a quality product so they just switched mine out for a brand new pair. i suppose that means the people at the store are great, yeah, vibram is an awesome company


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            I am sending my Vibrams back this week after holes opened up on the big toes this weekend during a hike. Super bummed after 2 months of use never showed any wear but something on this hike created a problem.

            Not sure if they will be covered, keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy return as I am going to be miserable in shoes for a couple weeks. I love these silly monkey feet, but there is a unique challenge I am sure in making something durable yet minimalistic.

            Seriously, I feel almost depressed not having them for a couple
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              Erin - they will exchange them for a new pair I am sure!
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