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    Hey guys,

    I'm starting to change my workout plan to be more primal and I was wondering how people here incorporate tabata intervals in their exercise. For the last week or so I've been doing 1 (4 minute) tabata cycle on a bike as a warm-up before my lifting sessions and I think it's awesome.

    I haven't started doing any sprint workouts but I was thinking that I would just do 3 cycles on a bike with short breaks between.

    Does anybody here do tabatas for their sprints?


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    i used to do tabata bike sessions and tabata burpees for sprint workouts, but now i prefer longer periods of sprinting and resting. one may not be better than the other, i just prefer it that way.
    in my opinion, i don't think you should be doing any kind of tabata as a warm up for lifting. keep sprinting and lifting on different days if you can so one does not effect the other. also, if you're doing tabata correctly, it's only good as a warm up for lying on the ground and asking yourself why you decided to do that in the first place. you should be completely spent. it's a great sprint workout, but leave lifting for another day.


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      I use tabata bike sprints in a workout about once a week. I usually do 2 rounds after a long warm up and other intervals. If you do them correctly 1 or two rounds should be all you can do. Once your power output decreases you are not effectively sprinting. So go all out on those sprints and you will see results.
      Merry Spinmas!!!


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        primalrob: is one cycle (4 minutes, 8 sprints) enough for the "lying on the ground" result? I'm in no way athletic when it comes to things like sprinting so I'm guessing my "all out" isn't all out enough. I do understand the concept of keeping sprinting and lifting completely separate but old habits die hard.

        Thanks for the feedback guys, this site is certainly making me re-think everything I thought I knew about exercise.


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          i don't remember who, but someone once described tabata as follows: at two minutes, you get excited because there is only one minute left until there is only minute left. one cycle is definitely enough to make me done working out for at least a few hours--that's doing burpees, and i'm lucky if i can get more than 7 or 8 into those 20 second periods. on a bike it might be a little different, but the intensity of tabata should leave you exhausted where you need some serious down time before you can even think about doing another cycle.


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            I don't do tabatas, but after 10 short sprints (40m, maybe), with walking back, I'm wiped. If you are going all out intensity, 8-10 short intervals is more than sufficient.

            Tonight, I am doing 20 seconds on, 40 seconds recovery, all out on the heavy bag. That's plenty for me.