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  • Quitting Xsport Gym

    I hate XSport gym and want to cancel my membership. I have been informed its a nightmare process to cancel your membership so I am looking for some advice from someone who has done it successfully. I don't want to simply change my bank information so they come after me years later with a collections agency. I'd like a legally sound way to stop these idiots from getting my money. Please help, thanks!

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    Did you sign a contract? If so for how long and what did it say the penalty for cancellation?


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      I signed up and my contract is an automatic payment every month. There isn't any penalty for canceling but the contract literally says the membership is "non-cancelable" which is utter garbage. Their policy is you need to write a letter with your information and why you're quitting to a PO Box somewhere in Illinois and they will cancel it within 30 days of receiving the letter. I'm skeptical of this process.

      I know its a little vague so I was hoping anyone thats gone through the process would have some insight.


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        It says that you have to write them a letter. Although it is a PO box, its in Aurora and may as well sound like it is legit. Give it a try.
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          When you mail the letter pay for proof of delivery so you have documentation!
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