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DIY Kettlebells?

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  • DIY Kettlebells?

    From the interview with John Little on Conditioning Research(

    Yes, kettlebells do provide resistance to your muscles, but so does a bucket of rocks, with the difference that you can vary the resistance with a bucket of rocks, thus making it a more practical exercise tool than a kettlebell.</blockquote>

    Anyone ever did that or though about doing that? I mean, it would be way cheaper and probably work out exactly the same way as normal kettlebells.

    Maybe this would also be something for another MDA DIY workout equipment post after we've already had sloshtubes, medicine balls etc.

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    The difference is that the handle is going to eventually break over your head. Or your going to have to end up using some pretty large buckets, and I cant imagine wanting to try moving around a giant bucket filled with rocks close to my body, it's not going to be fun in my opinion. As someone who has used kettlebells and my bodyweight as my exclusive resistance training method for about a year and a half, I can vouch for their construction (at least for the company I've bought them from). I have 4 pairs of 4 sizes/weights, I wouldn't even consider a bucket of rocks over a kettlebell.


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      Here's a couple ideas for homemade kettlebells that are adjustable and safer than a bucket of rocks

      For all kinds of ideas on homemade equipment and also workout ideas you should check out Ross Enamait's website and forum. They have great ideas for low tech workouts.

      Homemade equipment links:

      His general site: