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One Arm Push Ups

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  • One Arm Push Ups

    Hey Everyone, So after a few months of working on them I think I finally have them down!! I just busted out a few of them today and uploaded them to youtube! Watch the vid by clicking the link and let me know what you think ... hmmm that rhymed! =P
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    congrats, they are cool to do.
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      Nice one, Tim! Gotta love ol' one armie! If anyone wants more info on this amazing exercise, I wrote an article for Straight to the Bar on the one arm push-up.
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        Nice work! I may try them someday
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          Congrats! I have always wanted to master the one-armed pushup but haven't quite got there yet!
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            As someone who can't do one of these yet, I'm not sure what right I have to say anything, but there seems to be something off about your form, especially on your left side. You seem to be rolling your shoulder up rather than pushing your whole body, and on your right side you seem to be pulling up with your torso as much as you are pushing with your arm.
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              yes it was off in the video on the one side ... it's b/c I had that arm tucked too close to my body and not out enough. I'v corrected it already =) thanks for the in put tho!!
              Fitness Is A Journey, Not A Destination.