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    I'd like to start to introduce tabatta type training into my routine, but as I work in a city center and don't easily have access to parks or fields to run I was wondering if anyone has any tips on what the best way to do tabatta type training e.g sprints in the gym.

    I find the running machines a bit difficult to do full out 100% sprinting as I can sprint pretty fast and it just doesn't feel safe. So at the moment i am thinking of sprinting up a incline instead, which should mean i can get the same intensity but at a lower and safer speed.

    I was also thinking of adding a extra 5 secs to the

    20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest to take into account the time it takes the treadmil to speed up and slow down.

    Does this sound like a bad idea? or any other advice on this would be appreciated.

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    There are so many options...! You don't need to run.

    Try one of these bodyweight exercises...

    Quad Hop to Box

    Quad Squat (but add a hop...)

    CST Mountain Climber

    Prisoner Jump Squat




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      You also could use a jumprope, or concept 2 rower, or Hindu squats or pullups or assisted pullups. Also I do it on a treadmill @ 7mph and a 10% incline and its perfectly safe. check out crossfit training they have lots of videos.


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        There is a great (long) Tabata forum thread on the Crossfit site by Gant Grimes. He did Tabata bodyweight squats, pullups & pushups for 12 weeks, and saw great results above & beyond an already great base level of fitness:

        I'd also echo Adam and say Mountain Climbers, squats, and pushups are great options. Running all out in the gym on a treadmill is pretty unsafe (I've tried it) and jump squats just destroy me -- I can't make 20 seconds of work for more than a few rounds.


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          @ Adam, thanks for the suggestions will give the prisoner jump squats a go they look like they will hurt. =)

          @ body coach: thanks for the suggestion found some good videos and some instructions