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  • Backpack or lumbar pack

    I just completed the Nijmegen walk for the 5th time and have always used a lightweight pack by Deuter. I notice that more people are switching to lumbar packs and given the extreme heat this time around, I'm considering switching. Has anyone used these for day hikes and if so, what brand can you recommend. I've looked at Osprey but have read that the waist straps are too narrow and am now looking into Ultimate Direction Kaviti. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I use lumbar packs almost exclusively for day hiking. I just use the cheapest one I could find. It's been my experience that I don't carry enough weight in them to make a big deal out of the design, etc.

    OTOH, do look for a model that can carry two full 1L bottles. Most of the lumbar packs only have spot for a single bottle, often too small for a 1L container.

    Osprey is a well-regarded brand. The Kaviti you are looking at seems very nice, and it is handled by reputable retailers like REI here in the US. I particularly like the large hipbelt pockets. Only downside is the 20 oz bottle holders.
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      Thanks for the tips. For this particular walk, I really don't need 2 1L bottles, as there are watering stations all along the routes. Currently I'm using a Platypus bladder in my backpack and I only ever fill it halfway so as to reduce the weight. I always thought lumbar packs bounced around too much, but I've seen packs on the walk that just sit perfectly still.