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Is this Chronic cardio????

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  • Is this Chronic cardio????


    Is running/jogging 3 times a week for 25-30 minutes considered chronic cardio?
    Running makes me feel great, endorphins pumping through my veins after a good run.

    As I understand it, 1 hour + a day is considered chronic cardio, what if you kept your jogging under 1 hour?
    I love to swim aswell. Im only 16 but id love to do a triathlon one day.

    Just because our ancestors walked and sprinted, doesn't mean they couldn't have jogged, they just had no need to?

    One other thing, Ive seen plenty of long distance chronic cardio kinda guys and girls who are healthy and live long high quality lives. Even Cross fit doesn't mind a bit of endurance running.

    It may not be the BEST thing for weightloss but it still is great for improving health, mix it with a strength routine surley its not that bad

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    Have a listen to this interview with Mark:

    He talks about his experiences as a high level athlete right at the beginning.
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      30 minutes 3 times a week sounds quite reasonable to me, and I detest cardio.


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        If you like to run, then run. Mark is a smart guy and a great inspiration but don't get too caught up in thinking you have to do everything exactly as he recommends. (And you shouldn't do everything I say either!)
        "In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they couldn't be more different."

        "You can have anything you want, but you can't have everything you want."

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          I seem to recall Mark even saying somewhere in the book that if you are fit then "easy cardio" could be jogging. At sixteen you probably shouldn't get too wrapped up in numbers, but maybe let your heart rate be your guide -- if you can jog without your heart rate spiking into the red zone (>75% Max) then enjoy. Or better yet just skip the numbers altogether and let instinct be your guide. If you are huffing and puffing or sweating profusely, then you've probably exceeded the "easy" zone and might want to consider what you are doing one of your interval/high intensity/sprint workouts. (So keep it brief!)


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            The other thing with jogging is to protect your knees while you are young. Learn to run with Vibrams's, barefoot, or what ever you need to do to not heel strike. Your knees will thank you later.


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              You are fine. 30 minutes of jogging will not harm you.
              Remember, you are unique just like everybody else.