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  • Refining my journey

    Hi all... I thought I'd post since I'm new to posting (I've been lurking for a bit) and it's nice to know how people get where they get. Grew up with horrible SAD and as an adult turned to lots of whole foods, grew a garden, etc. Had a sick child and felt it was better (this was almost 20 years ago) to give her good foods and protect her immune system rather than keeps her on drugs for years. She guided me to a much better diet overall for my family. I lost 80 pounds but had to work for every pound. 7 years ago I was in 2 car accidents in a short period of time. Couldn't work out, couldn't function well, asthma and allergies got worse, gained almost all the weight back.

    Skip 3 (ish) years and I am gradually getting worse. Pain is widespread, I can't move without problems. I can't sleep. Was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and cut out gluten, dairy, sugar, and red meat hoping to eliminate inflammation. Went raw and felt better and lost some weight, but needed additional protein. Over the past 3 (ish) years I've slowly refined my eating habits to make it work for me.

    Today... I've been dabling with Paleo/Primal for about a year. Not strict, but about 80%. Never grains, never refined sugars, minimal diary. My asthma and allergies are gone. I went from 7 medications to zero. My fibro symptoms are almost non-existent. I couldn't walk well a couple of years ago, now I can run 10 miles. I can hike up a big mountain. I can do lots of the crossfit exercises without dying.

    I've lost some weight, not alot. Inches seem to be decreasing but I have not tracked it well. Nor have I tracked my calorie ratios. I will be tracking both of these things and strive for 100% Primal for the next month (I turn 40 a month from today). So it's a good time for me to kick start myself. No beer (I heart Guinness ALOT), no sugar, no empty carbs (I would sell my soul for a bucket of french fries or potato chips sometimes) and limiting my fruit. I have probably been high on the carbs, justifying it by my activity level (I run daily). So now I'm going to aim for 75 carbs a day and 100 grams of protein and see if the ratios make a difference in my weight loss. I know I am gaining muscle, I feel far more toned and others notice the difference. Now it's time to refine and see if I can drop the weight a little faster!

    Whew, thanks for reading!