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    I have the book and just got the cookbook - I fixed the Brussels Sprouts with Hazelnuts and am thrilled with it! Delicious and very unique.

    I agree with almost all that is in the book, but I don't really understand the prohibition against legumes. I can give up most starches and sugars, but I adore my beans! Why are they considered so bad, can someone elaborate?

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    Welcome to the primal community! Glad to hear you enjoyed the first recipe you made from the primal blueprint cookbook.

    It's sad that I have to say I have owned the book for 9 days and have yet to make a recipe - I guess I just enjoy making my own primal food I will for sure be bakin bacon this weekend and will dive into a recipe soon!

    About legumes... to me it is simple. When I eat them I get gas usually... well, when I used to eat them. And, most people do - we all joke about it.

    To me, anything that causes gas means I am unable to properly digest it so I avoid it. I love the taste of beans but I also love the taste of pasta... or should I say I used to.

    Legumes have antinutrients in them just like grains. And, peanuts which is a legume, is one of the most highly allergenic foods.

    So, to me, it is common sense to avoid legumes. If you truly LOVE them, then MAYBE enjoy them ONCE IN A WHILE...

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      I too love beans, but I have stayed away from them except a few cheats and no gas. It has been so nice to not have to hold in gas during my son's ball game. So worth giving them up.


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        Sounds great! The key with beans, grains, legumes in general, processed foods, etc. is to not stress out about it. If you are a primal newbie then it is best to have a LITTLE bit of beans, pasta, etc. if you are truly dieing for it and it will stress you out if you don't have some. But, if you find yourself eating whatever it is frequently then you might want to reconsider and avoid completely.

        Just my 2 cents I am 99/1 primal... I just love primal food too much to be anywheres close to 80/20!!
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