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New to Primal! Hello All!

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  • New to Primal! Hello All!

    Well, I am 19 years old. I just "stumble" upon Paleo/primal and been on that diet (I don't consider a diet but a lifestyle; I am not trying to lose weight, just trying to live healthy). The past year or so, I have change my diet completely. I eliminated sugar and processed foods (oh! You wouldn't know how many brownies I could have ate in one sitting! Grin). I started eating loads of greens, other vegetables, fruits, healthy oils/fats, green drinks, but was also a heavy grain eater (I thought "that" was the healthy thing to do). What motivated me to to live healthy as possible was what I was told by my teachers in High School, and watching all those around me with many health problems. My mom is currently have many health problems, and it pains me seeing her hurting each day and knowing full well that many of her problems can be cured by simply changing her diet (and she too stubborn to listen to me; she will not let go of her sweets!) and exercising. I see how a average American shop in the supermarket (carts filled with sweets and frozen dinners, with little or no fruits, vegetables or whole foods; sorry a Apple Pie doesn't count! LOL), and yet when heart disease, diabetes, and all sorts of preventable illnesses attack them, they are like "WTF! How this happen?".

    It ALL comes to DIET! Yes, the popular phrase "You are what you eat" is very true. I see the body as a mill that is running. Whatever is thrown into the funnel, which leads to the millstones below, will come out as flour of that type. If you throw wheat in, you will get wheat flour. If you throw thorns in, you will get thorn flour-a harmful substance. Likewise, if you eat junk food, your body will respond. One's body respond to anything we put in!

    True, we are not going to live forever, but the time that we do have on this Earth, why not strive to live as healthy as possible, and die by "natural" causes and not because we are too fat (or because we was hit by a bullet....)! Come on! It pains me seeing a 4 year old girl so fat that it makes her look like a 10 year old! I know that if she continue (or rather the parents GIVING her that lifestyle) in that stage, she will suffer in the long run. This is NOT about being skinning because one's too ugly or to fit into society, but about eating the way our bodies are design to handle food. It is about avoiding the many disease/illness that is so preventable if we just clean up our diet.

    I watched Jamie Oliver Food Revolution, and I have to clap my hands to him (even though he is not promoting Paleo/primal), but at least he doing something! I am DISGUSTING at the type of food that is given to kids in schools. It is not healthy, and is all because it's "cheap". It's cheap and fast giving our kids some chicken patties (not made by whole chickens) loaded with salt and sugar. Let's not give them the REAL stuff. It's too god damn expensive! So we are trading our kids health for opening a saving account in a bank. I just can't understand the way life is. Most Americans are killing themselves and they don't even know it. Just ask a typical New Yorker what their breakfast was, and you will see what I mean. And is that just the schools, but the parents that send there kids lunch in a tiny brown paper bags. How are cookies, milk shakes (with so much sugar) and heavy processed foods healthy? Why are may parents not looking for there kids well being?

    Sorry for the long post, but I believe this is a serious manner and people need to be educated. I came to the Primal lifestyle because I want to live as long as possible, not being plaque by illnesses.

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    hey, great intro post! It's good to see someone so passionate about eating right, especially at age 19! Way to go, and welcome (though I am new myself).


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      You are wise beyond your years. Welcome Welcome Welcome!

      good for you.


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        Do not be sorry by the long post - I thoroughly enjoyed it! You seem to have a strong passion for health which I love. I think you will inspire a lot of people in the world. Keep up the attitude and you will go very far in life.

        I loved Jamie Olivers Food Revolution as well. It is not entirely primal/paleo but it is a HUGE step in the RIGHT DIRECTION. And, he has to go by there guidelines anyways, so he must have grains in there. And, he is italian...

        But, adding vegggies, whole chicken, etc. is much better than what is out on our kids plates at school today.
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