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Weighing In- Problem Areas

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  • Weighing In- Problem Areas

    My husband and I started the Primal Lifestyle close to about 3 weeks ago. We do the 80/20...mostly the 20% being the occasional drinking, but even that is as good of choices as we can get. I am 5'3", 118lbs, my biggest problem areas are the tummy and the inner thigh area. I really have thought that I would be able to see some sort of difference and especially on the scale. I go up to 120 and back down to 118, I've even gotten down to 115 this last week, but now I'm back to 118. The scale is driving me CRAZY and I know that I shouldn't rely on the scale, but since I don't have a ton of weight to lose, that's what I am watching. I guess what I am curious is what has everyone else been doing as far as tracking their progress; weighing? measuring? when? weekly? monthly?. BTW, my hubby has just been shedding the fat, he's doing amazing. Grok on.

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    I hardly ever weigh myself...I plan on doing it when I KNOW Ive atleast lost a whole size in my clothing and even then I'll probably take it with a grain of salt. Basically the way I know I'm losing weight is just that - my clothes. The last few days my usual work pants have been falling off I KNOW I'm doing awesome. Also my mood just instantly changes when I lose weight. This is what its all about for me - being happy with scale, clothing, tape measure - none of it matters if I'm happy.
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      Once a month until I reach my goal then I will not own a scale. I hate scales.


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        I haven't weighed myself in years. Sometimes my PCP weighs me during my yearly physical, but usually she just says: you look great, no need to get you on the scale. I go by the way my clothes fit. Are some clothes looser? Tighter? Can I zip my pants?

        In college, I was an obsessive weigher, and when I graduated, I just wanted to get rid of that stress. So I say, rid yourself of the stress! Stop weighing yourself and just start seeing how you feel!


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          Thanks guys

          Thanks for the response guys. Well it looks like I have joined the "no scale" band wagon. When I went into the bathroom this morning, my husband became the scale bandit and has hid it from me! LOL


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            Hmm, at 5'3" and 118 lbs I'd say you don't have any weight to lose. I'd say that's the low end of "normal" for someone your height. Try to focus on the health benefits and stop obsessing over a number on the scale.


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              When I went into the bathroom this morning, my husband became the scale bandit and has hid it from me! LOL
              Hahaha, a man of action! That's one way to get your wife to stop complaining about the scale I have such a love/hate relationship with the scale, once I reach a maintenance point I'll probably get rid of it too.
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