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  • One week in

    Hi all

    I started this last Wednesday. Very interesting theory and I love it so far! My fiancee is strictly a vegetarian plus chicken and fish... she thinks I'm a bit crazy... but

    I lost 6.5 pounds since last Wednesday, and that's after a pretty bad memorial day cookout and not getting a workout in!

    Making my first trip to the butcher tonight, very excited to load up on the good stuff.

    For reference in future posts, I've had two knee surgeries in the past 18 months, gained a bit of weight. I'm getting married in September and want to look GREAT on the honeymoon!

    6 feet tall
    Started at 230.7 pounds
    Currently at 224.2 this morning.
    Goal is between 195-200 (I have broad shoulders... much skinnier and I think I'll look sick )

    Looking forward to the insight on the forums!

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    Hi workinhard. You're off to a great start. Good job. If your girlfriend is avoiding grains and sugars, she eats very similar to Mark's wife. I think both diets can work together fine.


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      Thanks Grol I appreciate it. I had some serious low carb flu the first couple of days, but I've already found myself getting less and less hungry (ie, no need for a night time snack, no rush to eat breakfast, etc). It's going to be slightly challenging, as I'm allergic to raw fruits and veggies, but it just means spending a little more time cooking thats all.

      It's disappointing to look at myself now... pictures of me in college and high school show a three sport athlete, long and lean.

      I graduated high school the same height, but 168 pds! Too skinny in my opinion, just really puts into perspective where I'm at now.

      And she doesn't avoid grains and such... but I wouldn't be surprised if she heads that way so long as I keep having success!


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        believe me when shes sees how much weight you are gonna lose, and how healthy your skin looks/glows, and how happy you are...she'll think twice! good luck on your journey!!
        The pain of discipline or the pain of regret? You choose.

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