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  • Re-Introduction

    Hi folks, some of you may dimly remember me from the old forum; been crazy-busy since the new one went live, so I'm only now getting around to participation.

    Anyway, been mostly Primal since fall 2008, with great results (-40 lbs!), live in northern New England, work in higher education, avid homebrewer and beer aficionado (WAY not Primal, but I've figured out how to enjoy and appreciate in vastly lesser volumes over the past few years), and big into energy and sustainability issues.

    Conveniently, my local farmer's market kicks off tomorrow, and this year we get the addition of local sustainable seafood! Yum. Local food has been one of the best parts of living Primal, actually, especially the endless variety of local grassfed/pastured meats. That and the fact that everyone in my area seemingly now raises chickens, so pastured eggs are *everywhere* practically year-round.

    Anyway, hi (again)!

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    You sound familiar.
    I brew, hit the local markets, dodge the suggestions from neighbors to raise chickens, and chase local seafood (I'm on the coast).
    I could use some suggestions for balancing beer and PB.


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      The beer balance can be tricky, but the two ways that worked the best for me were these:

      1) No drinking the night before a workout day (worked exceptionally well when I was in the gym regularly)

      2) Never more than two, unless it's homebrew club night (and even then, I still have to drive, so chill).

      That combination sliced me down from ~10-15/week to more like 4 or 5. Wound up savoring those more, too.

      Of course, the last few months I've ignored both, and have been creeping upwards weightwise, so time to be Mr. Strict again...