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New to Primal/Paleo and lookig for change

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  • New to Primal/Paleo and lookig for change

    Hello everyone. I'm a 64-y/o male who's been fighting Type II Diabetes for a LONG time playing by CW rules. I literally stumbled on The Primal Blueprint Cookbook and was immediately intrigued by the entire paleo concept.

    I have already removed all the grains from my pantry and started making the other changes recommended by Mark (working on this for about a week now) and have to admit that I have already noticed some marked changes--namely significantly lower blood sugar readings.

    I'm now wondering if anyone has had experience with this diet and diabetes and can help me get a handle on what I can expect--especially if anyone can tell me how to determine that I can lower my current medication levels (not expecting medical advise--just some road signs). My current doctor is definitely in the CW category, at least as far as his treatment plans and advice are concerned.

    WOW! Pretty long-winded for an initial post, but can't wait to hear from other members.


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    Naw, that wasn't long-winded at all. The more we know, the more we can help you.

    Welcome! I am 71. Primal 4 years. Type II for 7. I'm on Metformin. My glucose has been OK since I was diagnosed. Then, earlier this year, it shot up. I kept reducing my carbs. To make up for that, I increased the fat in my diet, especially with whole-milk dairy products. Don't get me wrong. I think saturated fat is great and dairy fine for people who can tolerate it. But I over did it. Cutting back brought my glucose back in control. I still think Mark's carb curve is right. But going even lower carb didn't work for my glucose.

    Good luck on Primal.
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      Thanx for the response!

      Sounds like the lifestyle has made some improvements with your diabetes. I'm hoping I'm o the right track and see some of that myself.


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        My Husband was diagnosed diabetic a few years ago. very high bs levels & dr said to exspect to go on meds shortly...

        Change of diet to PB and he no longer test diabetic at all. Really seemed to p the dr off LOL..
        he never was on meds though so I dont know how that would be effected
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          I just found this link The Definitive Guide to Insulin, Blood Sugar & Type 2 Diabetes (and you’ll understand it) and found it very interesting and informative.


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            hmmmmm...a chocolate mouthwash!

            That's good to hear. (Not the mouthwash...) My numbers seem to be changing significantly since I have begun the transition to PB. It is beginning to sound like this might just be the way to go. Big Pharma's gonna be soooo mad!


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              My partner and I have been doing wheat free LCHF for 6 months. She has lost almost 40 pounds and her A1C has dropped from7.0 to 5.5. She has cut metformin dose in half and dropped her glyboride completly. Also stopped taking the statin. I predict a time in her future when she will no longer be considered type II diabetic.

              Keep at it!


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                That sounds awesome! I'm hoping for similar results...I've managed to stay about 90% grain free in my first week, and ny BS numbers are WAY down.
                Keep up the good progress!


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                  NightMyst,, it's so refreshing to hear from someone who wants to tackle and resolve their health issues for themselves rather than continuing to follow cw advice, which as you have discovered Does Not Work. anyway, welcome, well done on your first week and keep going.
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                    My wife is type 2, just a little younger than you. She went for a long time before Primal having to slowly but steadily increase the insulin she was taking. Since Primal (2 yrs) and losing some poundage, her medication level is reduced significantly.
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