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  • Hello From Connecticut!

    I'm 52, and went primal about two months ago with most of my kettlebell group.
    The results have been fantastic already.
    While going primal and cutting grains, I also cut alcohol and other sugars.
    It was a little tough going in the beginning, when I wasn't happy with what seemed like limited food options (I wasn't thinking very creatively), but once I simply made a list of things "NOT" to eat and got rid of them, it was easy!
    What has made it really easy as well is having "safety" foods, snacks that I can turn to when I feel like I'm looking to forage through the cabinets. My best in between meal life lines have been 2 cups of berries in a blender as a smoothie, almond butter in apple slices, or macadamia nuts or walnuts. All feel like indulgences, but are actually OK.

    I read Mark's book twice through, and am now devouring all of the other Primal titles I can find.
    I pre-ordered the cookbook, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.
    I don't know whether to be thrilled to be let in on the secret, or terrified and pi&^rd off at all of the "not quite true" things I've always read and heard about nutrition and the impact it's had on so many lives, societies, etc..

    All I know is that my blood pressure is down 50 points(!) top and bottom numbers, (no, that is not an exaggeration or typo), my blood tests look better than they EVER have in my life, and I have begun cutting prescription meds for BP, gout, GERD, out of my life, 'cause I just don't need them any more.

    I feel better, and look like a completely different person.

    Now, to get the rest of my family on board......


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    Welcome to the forum - glad to hear PB is having such a positive impact on your health!