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  • Hi from NYC

    Just wanted to say hi and give you my little story..

    Im a 28 year old female from the bronx..My struggle with weight began at the age of 17...I gain over 100lbs in less then 2 years (oh what a fantastic age to turn into a "fat girl"). I remember sitting in my doctors office crying not having a clue what happened to me. I told my doctor something wasn't right, this isnt normal and my doctors response was "well, you need to eat less and exercise more..there is nothing wrong with you"...I tried to believe him but I knew it wasnt true no matter what he said. So I decided to do my own research...I typed in my symptos and got...oh..over 100 links back with the words "PCOS" staring me right in the face. I had every symptom. So finally I printed about 10 pages worth of information and threw it in my doctors face saying "LOOK!"...he still didnt believe anything was wrong and didnt want to give me a referral to an endocrinologist...however, I had these odd dark spots on the back of my neck (and yes, you guessed it - that was a sympton of pcos as well) so he gave me a referral to a dermatologist. The dermatologist took one look and said "its a hormonal imbalance - you should see an endocrinologist" finally I got my referral. And I was diagnosed with PCOS first visit to him.

    So I yo yo-ed in weight for the next 6 years trying everything that involved calorie counting..Id always gain it all back...then 4 years ago I decided I can't do this anymore - I'm fat and I hate myself so I decided to give South Beach a try...and I actually did fantastic on it (probably because I lowered my carb intake so much - I basically stuck with their "phase 1" for most of the time which was very similar to the atkins diet)..I also started doing interval training cardio...I went from 265lbs to 155lbs in 2 years..however, this was 2 years ago...

    The last 2 years have been absolute hell for me. I started to visit fitness forums and was told over and over that I was wrong for low carbing...that I needed to know the difference between good carbs and bad carbs and good fat and bad fat...which is true..however, their idea of good carbs is what wrecked the last 2 years of my diet. I spent the last two years forcing down ww pasta and brown rice oatmeal (if i never have to see another bowl of oatmeal I will die happy) and quinoa (super food? more like super revolting)..and absolutely killing myself with workouts like p90x and Insanity..and guess what? no results. NOTHING. Ive basically stayed the same in weight (and by weight I mean inches too)..Im actually not knocking these workouts, I know they work for some...however, I struggled and struggled and worked my butt off and nothing happen. So after 2 grueling years literally full of sweat and tears for nothing I told coventional wisdom to go screw itself, I'm going back to low carb...its the ONLY thing that works for me.

    I blame grains for 2 years of pure hell.

    So about a month ago I mentioned on a fitness forum that I was going to get all my carbs from vegetables and fruit..nothing else. and I got a lot of "thats unrealistic and unhealthy" responses..but one girl mentioned that that is what she does and its the best decision she ever made and that she was doing PB...I immediately started doing my research and here I am I've been doing Id say about 80% PB (I do still eat full fat dairy..I cant give it up..I just lowered my intake a little) for the last 3 weeks and I feel amazing. (I don't weigh myself ever anymore so I don't go by that...its all about how I feel and how I look in my clothes)

    And the best news is - my pants are falling off. <3

    The pain of discipline or the pain of regret? You choose.

    Oh look - I made a Journal.