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Howdy from Colorado!

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  • Howdy from Colorado!

    Hello everyone!

    Guess I will do the question drill here.........

    Your location: Just outside of Denver, Colorado

    Age : 35

    How Primal are you: 90% is my guess, dropping a couple last things slowly while I clean out my cabinets and learn new recipes and such.

    Do you consume dairy: I am in a raw milk co-op, I only consume the cream and homemade yogurt and kefir from that. I also use butter quite a bit, but try to stick to cultured pastured when I can.

    Do you drink coffee or tea: Decaf coffee rarely, yerba mate in phases (if I find I am drinking it too much, I cut it out for a few months).

    Motivator for switching to Primal: I have bounced around on some level of a low carb all natural diet for several years now due to health reasons (candida problems). My problem has always been that I have seen the low carb diet as a temporary requirement to fix my problems. As soon as I increase my grains and sugars back up, my symptoms inevitably return over time. Mentally I was having trouble accepting the low carb no grain diet as a 'lifestyle'.

    I found the paleo/primal discussions and it FIT. Its the last component that I needed to make this a permanent choice. I can believe in it as the right choice to live by on all levels, not something I was prescribed for a sickness. This has flipped my mindset around and i now have a positive outlook for my future.

    Favorite exercise: I recently took up indoor rock climbing and I LOVE it!!!

    Favorite Primal food: Steak.....ribeye

    Best part about being Primal: Energy levels!

    Worst part about being Primal: No Brownie Sundaes (still working on my sugar cravings...can you tell?)

    I look forward to meeting everyone!! Super excited to join a community of like minded folks
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    Its a few days late but I just wanted to say hi! I live close to Pueblo, CO. Your going to have to let me know if you find any primal places to eat in colorado.
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      Hello Fern, nice to meet you!

      I am looking to try a few new places in downtown Denver when I have more spending money....places that source as much as they can locally, cook fresh, rotating menus based on food availability....etc. So if you are ever up in Denver, you might check into one of these. I have not eaten at them yet, but hope to soon. I think Duos is our next stop.
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        another in Colo...

        Hi Fern & Meadow! (and rest...)
        I live in the mtns outside Denver (Winter Park)
        I am anxiously awaiting CSAs from Grant Farms!!!
        The restaurant I work in PT (Backcountry Grill) will gladly serve your meal in a primal manner - just forgo the biscuit! Everything else (except dessert) is PB-friendly. The owner/chef is fully supportive of it. And you can get foie gras! yum...
        Fern: how is that dairy? Is that the grass-fed one? I was thinking of getting in on some stuff when in the area.

        If anyone is ever up in Grand County, I would LOVE to have someone to play Ultimate with (hint hint), ride long board etc etc...


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          Will have to look that place up next time we are traveling in the area. I have yet to try foie gras...but its on my list!

 that frisbee? Lol....tells you how good I would be
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            I played Ultimate Frisbee on my high school team - back in the 70's, man ;-) alot of people up here also like to ride long (skate) boards. I just started gettin into it. Fun, not too hard, & can do it wherever there's pavement!
            My boss makes awesome foie gras - he makes egg rolls stuffed with that & goat cheese. Wrapper ain't primal but dang those are tasty. He'll sometimes stuff filet mignon with it. aw yeah...
            I just got a bunch of livers from Grant Farms so I'm gonna make some pork liver pate. My (primal) pup loves the goat liver. when they get them back in stock, the lamb kidneys are tasty & very tender.