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  • Hello from Richmond, Virginia

    Hello everyone. Amazon finally delivered me my copy of Primal Blueprint Friday. I'm reading through it now and really enjoying what I've been reading. Right now I'm actually 3/4 of my frist day of intermittent fasting.

    I've been eating almost paleo for that past 3 months or so with the occasional slip ups here and there and been getting increasingly active. I started in February trying to change my lifestyle to lose weight. I hit a plateau after I had lost about 15 lbs and had been reading Mark's blog. I finally made the plunge and bought the book. I see now where I started to make some mistakes and ways I can correct what I'm doing.

    I am joining here for some insight and help from all of you out there.

    So I'm just saying hello and hoping all of you will be able to drop some knowledge / enlighten me as I try to go paleo / primal.

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    Hey, it's nice to see a fellow Richmonder on this board! Do you know of any primal meetup groups here in Richmond? I would have LOVED to have a Grokfeast but I don't know anyone else who is living Primal.


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      I just joined yesterday. I am also from Richmond.


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        I've been living Primal for a few months now myself. Challenging...but the benefits are paying off! I lived in Richmond, VA for close to 7 years. Went to school at VCU.