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  • First Post - Greetings

    I wasn't sure how to use the Obligatory post at this forum, as it showed me as anonymous guest. Quick intro post as a newcomer here. I initiated paleo way of eating in Jan 2014 for us as a couple. We are in our 60's, and I had concerns about consequences when medical/nutritional information points in an almost opposite direction regarding meat and fats. Expecting some kinds of medical manifestations that would warn me away from this diet, it was a pleasant surprise to both of us to find our bodies were healing, my husband losing 50 + pounds and while I wasn't losing weight as rapidly, my body was redistributing it's shape. A blessing in the loss of my poking out there belly was a pleasing surprise. We haven't been long enough on the paleo approach, yet the visible results are really quite remarkable, unexpected and a positive plus in our lives.

    Not to draw out a long story, may I just by way of introduction say that it is of interest to me to find others in our venerable age group who are using paleo approach, compare notes, and continue forward in the fitness elements relative to our age, and I guess I'd describe it as poor fitness. In other words we aren't cross fit type candidates and looking for gentler forms of fitness, building up our strength from place we are at to a stronger core.

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    Welcome Venerableage! I also am 60-something and have experienced improved health on Primal. May your age and venerability ever grow!


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      I'm 71. Been doing Primal almost 4 years. Everything has gotten better. Like taking off 10 years. Good luck with Primal.
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