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  • Time to be fearless

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    I wish you good luck and we have many people on here that have undergone amazing transformations. Batty and Geoff for example and others like Griff who are currently somewhere in the middle of their journey. So, if you choose to live the way we do you can most certainly change your body type as well. My advice would be to not look at the PB as a diet though. If you do that, you'll just end up adding being primal too your list of failed diets. Adopt a more primal lifestyle eat what makes you feel better, live longer, and get healthy. (Oh and my standard advice is to try IFing as well. So, I'll just throw that out there just to get it out of the way)


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      I agree with Daemonized, it's definitely a lifestyle shift and not a "diet." Well, it's a "diet" in the definition of "this is my preferred choice of foods, making up my diet" rather than "I'm not eating doughnuts because I'm on a diet." Incorportating all 10 PB guidelines will make a difference too, so you need to start moving slowly a lot more, sleeping consistantly, avoiding trauma, sprinting once in a while, playing more, etc...all of which you will find online and in the book! When you see it as a whole rather than just a few parts that you can cherry-pick, it makes much more sense as a lifestyle than just being "low-carb."

      Once you start eating and enjoying good fats, good protein, varied vegetables and fruits, and your body starts to feel better all over, you probably won't miss your processed foods much at all! It seems crazy at first that you could go days without eating pasta or a sandwich or candy, but it gets easier the more your palate adjusts to good quality food. Best of luck with your transition, be sure to ask for help when you need it as this is a very supportive community!
      You are what you eat,
      and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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        Oh and I meant to add, only add IF when you are ready to do so. A lot of people try it before their bodies are really ready to rely on fat for energy and have a terrible experience. The intermittent part of it lies in the fact that you only skip meals when 1. you're not hungry, or 2. when no real food can be had and you just have to wait until you can find some. Once you've been eating Primally for a while, if you have a big breakfast and aren't hungry for lunch you'll just know it! Or more likely, you have a big dinner and aren't hungry until lunch the next day
        You are what you eat,
        and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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          I agree with the above suggestions. You need to find a balance with the changes and how your body handles it. That "balance" will change as your body adapts whether a month or 6 months from now.


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            Just a few simple tips...

            Become accountable for your actions.
            - Create a blog, tell a friend, become public with your decision to change so you have social contracts to maintain consistency.

            Change your view
            -Primal Blueprint is more than a diet, it is a lifestyle. While eating Primal if you have a donut it is not the end of the lifestyle... or a failure. It is simply a 'bad' decision that day. Much like a weekend on the town leads to binge drinking and the next day regret that comes with the hangover.

            Believe in yourself
            -If you don't think you can do it, why should anybody else?

            Stay focused
            -leave reminders of your goals in places where you will see them regularly (i.e. Pictures of the beach, new swimwear)

            These things may be obvious...but then again they just might change the world.



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              Originally posted by Want2BeAPinup View Post
              I have to be honest here. The idea of deleting complete food groups from my life is frightening and saddening.
              Try not to think of those things as actual food. Its more like slightly edible poison with calories. And rather than think about it as deleting an entire food group, how about thinking of it as adding an entire, tasty food group you had previously been neglecting.


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                Your needs and tastes will change, but for me one of the strongest motivators to stop eating all those carby foods is that when I stop eating them - once the physical low-carb-flu cravings have passed - I don't hurt anymore. When one bite of bread or cake is enough to cause an arthritis flare or a migraine, that's a great motivator to not eat those things. I'm doing this for my health, not my weight - and what I've been finding is that people who do it only for weight loss often frame it to themselves as temporary. It can't be temporary if it's going to work. This has to be a permanent change that you dedicate yourself to wholeheartedly.

                Read the literature that shows how poisonous grains, sugars, and legumes are to the human body. If you're anything like me, it'll disgust you and make you swear them off on principle.

                Good luck.
                Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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                  Welcome home, Pinup!!!


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                    Yes! A better life with this 'lifestyle' awaits you! I've been primal since March 1st and I have a great time with the WIDE range of food choices we have. I still struggle with sugar addiction, but I manage. My overall way of eating is along the lines, but I mess up. And that's okay. You'll have a lot of internal struggles, but keep at it. Soon the struggles will be less and less frequent and your food choices will be more automatic. We're retraining our tastes, minds, and our bodies so it won't be a quick process.
                    Take comfort in the fact that you are on the road to a better life - not just a smaller size of clothes.
                    *High Five!*