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  • ~Waves hello ftom NYC!~

    I bought the Primal BluePrint and have been going Primal for the past 2 weeks. I have been reading through a lot of different threads on the forum and find that this is a great online community to be a part of for support and information.

    My biggest inspirations from reading the forum so far are Diana and Athena. Diana because when I scrolled to see her after picture I was shocked and Athena because she is an example of about where I'm at now physically and where I want to be.

    6 yrs ago I did Atkins and lost 35 lbs which was the biggest dietary change of my life. But I feel like I couldn't handle doing the induction phase forever and and slowly added in whole grains and more fruit and sweets over time, which is why some of those pounds have creeped back .

    Switching back to low-carb with a tad bit of fruit, especially before exercise, has not been hard for me at all. It only becomes difficult in certain social situations like birthdays and dinners which I read a thread about. It's still hard to say no when someone is saying, " Just a little won't hurt.."

    I think Atkins is a great diet but Primal is better because on Atkins it is okay to have ANYTHING as long as it is low-carb, meaning a lot of artificial and/or fried things. But now it's bye-bye to those things. Can I do without them? HELL YEA!

    Here's to..bacon?