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Finished the book, almost a month of primal living.

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  • Finished the book, almost a month of primal living.

    Hello everyone. I've just finished reading the Primal Blueprint, the FAQ/Newbie guide, and in a few more days I'll be at one month of serious commitment to the diet. A friend of mine introduced me to the book, after I complained about feeling terrible; I was slamming caffeine to stay alert at work, eating a giant carb-loaded meal beforehand and snacking on bread throughout. Additionally, I ended up relying on sleeping pills to fight the effects of caffeine and not being able to get to sleep to repeat the process over and over.

    The first week was brutal. Cutting sugar was torture, I started to realize there was sugar in everything I was accustomed to eating. But the book made sense, and the results were obvious. I slept soundly, and I awoke earlier, refreshed and energized.

    I've trained martial arts for almost ten years now, but for the past two, I've lost the drive and I've been training less and less. It was my therapy, surely Grok would have approved of the lift heavy things, sprint, and walk slowly for long periods of time type workouts it fosters. Since starting the diet, I'm back to five days a week, doing crossfit, followed by brazilian jiu jitsu, followed by kickboxing.

    I'm down to 140 lbs from 150, which doesn't sound like much I'm sure, but it feels like a lot to me. I've always wanted to bulk up and get to a muscular 160/170 if genetics permit. Based on what I've read here on the forums and the book, it sounds like I need to just eat more, specifically meat. I love eating it, but I'm also trying to follow the 'eat when your body tells you' mentality as well. I'm curious about amino acids, taking a scoop immediately after an intense workout to replenish muscle tissue.

    Headaches have started to become more frequent though, I've noticed. I don't know if it's something to do with what I'm eating, or if it's just a result of getting accidentally hit in the head a few times a day. Despite being pretty good about sticking to the diet, I know I'm not drinking enough water, so this may be a factor as well. But I'm wondering if there's anything else that's obvious, or if this is a common thing among those of us trying to make this drastic switch.

    Anyways, I'm excited to continue this as a lifestyle instead of a trial diet. My body is telling me that this is right. But it is quite a challenge, still, to avoid making 'unhealthy' decisions day to day. I look forward to chatting with you all, and I apologize for my excessive use of commas; I love them as much as I love blueberries.


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    Welcome to the Forum, Ian!

    Congrats on your success so far, man! That's awesome!

    As for the headaches. Prior to starting to go Primal my wife and I did some crazy detox type program where we cut sugar and all completely. I used to drink a Monster Energy Drink every morning, a few Diet Cokes throughout the day, and another 2-3 Diet cokes with dinner.

    Going cold turkey for me on the sugary stuff wasn't bad at all. My wife on the other hand, who didn't drink nearly as much sugar or caffeine as me, had a horrible time with headaches and we narrowed it down to her not drinking enough water and getting next to no sleep. On the days she made it a point to add another 8-16oz's of water she had a much easier time.

    So I guess it's luck of the draw, but sleep and water will definitely help either way. Also you might want to think of the occasional fruit here and there. Natural sugar might help more with the headaches and still not be a horrible thing for you to eat.

    Good luck!
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      Thanks for the response. I think it's definitely a water issue. I've noticed that I drink more when I'm working because I'm talking a lot, and therefore more parched. On my days off, I don't have the same urge and I notice the headaches then.

      I'm certainly eating a lot of fruit. But while I've made it a month on a pretty strict diet, I've also been encouraged to eat carbs for my excessive amount of calorie burning. While protein powder seems like a decent idea, I also wonder about things like brown rice if it's a morning meal. I assume that I'll burn it off by the time dinner rolls around, and not end up with a bunch of glycogen forming in my gut. Is there any wisdom in this? I find it hard to eat enough protein, still, throughout the day, to feel satisfied.


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        Most people will need to supplement electrolytes when first going low-carb. You cut the carbs, dump your fluids, you're out of potassium and magnesium and your blood pressure drops. Definitely salt your food heavily for now, but eventually look into adding sweet potatoes, avocadoes or other good sources of potassium on a regular basis. I supplement magnesium from time to time if I'm not drinking much broth, etc., to make sure I'm getting enough.
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