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  • An intro... with questions!

    Hey, how's everyone doing?

    I'm the much hated skinny guy that could eat whatever type and amount of food he wanted and still lose weight; and I did just that. My family also has a history of terrible health all around. You name it, we got it: Diabetes, Arthritis, Ahlzheimer's, heart attacks, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, etc etc.

    Sounds like a bad combination, huh? I was aware of the dangers of my lifestyle for a while (sendentary gamer + crappy eating + family history = yikes!), and only until I randomly google'd "Why don't I get sick?" did I run into Art Devany's Evolutionary Fitness late last year. I was completely hooked on the ideas behind it, but I couldn't get myself to actually live by them 100%. I was getting a bit frustrated with all the delicious meals he talked about and pictured, and not having any recipes posted to get an idea on how to make them. Then one day someone mentioned MDA as a site they go for recipes. So I came here, learned how to cook, and now I'm actually living a good 90% primal and loving it.

    My questions are:

    What kind of tests/bloodtests should I take to get a measure of my changes, since I don't have the weight loss metric to go by? Also, if yall wouldn't mind also giving a small explanation about each thing tested and their healthy range, I'd appreciate it. I'm a bit ignorant to most medical terms.

    Is there anyone living in Albuquerque that would want to meet up? Got stationed here last year so I live near base. I do kickboxing 3x a week, but for the rest of the time it would be nice to have someone else to workout or hike or whatever with. I don't know a single person even close to living primal, seems like this city is real big into chronic cardio.

    Have a great day,
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