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Ex-Vegatarian Gone Primal!

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  • Ex-Vegatarian Gone Primal!

    Hi all! I'm a 25 year old teacher from the southwest who's been dabbling with a primal diet for the past couple weeks. It's been a good experience so far, so I finally decided to stop lurking and join this forum.

    I'm a former vegetarian who had to start eating meat a couple months ago, due to health problems. After 6 1/2 years of not eating meat and having minimal animal products, I became anemic and hypoglycemic, with bizarre feelings of vertigo and sensitivity to light/sound. Eventually I got so desperate that I gave in and ate meat just to see if it would help... and it did. All I needed was animal protein and some nutrients that can't be found in plants. Kind of a humbling experience.

    My biggest concern with a primal diet overdoing the meat, since I have a family history of heart disease and colon cancer (better safe than sorry)... so I'll probably be limiting myself to small servings every day. I also have an issue with snacking, from the hypoglycemia.

    Hoping to learn and grow with all of you in this forum! Happy New Year!!

    ETA: Oh god... did I really misspell vegetarian in the title??? :\
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    Choosing meat was the best choice! =p
    Meat is l-i-f-e
    But is the high consumption of it related to cancer or heart disease? I dont think so...