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  • Will You Cook For Me?

    The hardest part of my life style is cooking my own food. Send me a friend request if you like to cook!

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    Cooking has become one of my favorite activities. I missed the boat on the promotional offer for the PB cookbook but will be ordering a copy soon, my recipes are time-sensitive right now but I want to add a little bit more diversity to what I eat.

    What do you find hard about cooking exactly? I like to put on some music (namely: salsa, can't cook to anything else, and it's pretty damn primal as far as I'm concerned) and just have at it. Cooking meat and veggies is pretty simple I think.. however I have not yet ventured into any of the recipes that require more time, like slow cooking meat for hours, I'm not usually home all day so I'd be afraid of the house burning down!

    Prep is simple too unless you're working with tons of ingredients. I've never spent more than a half hour in the kitchen.
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      I work eight hours a day and when I get home I am tired from using my brain all day. I like to just vegetate in front of youtube or comedy central or something. When I cook, I basically just put some meat on a skillet with some oil and maybe boil some vegetables or have a salad. I have no experience doing anything more complicated than that. I have no idea, for example, what spices I should use, or how to marinate meats, etc.


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        cooking is not all that hard, as with anything it takes practice.

        i am not a great cook by far, but by experimenting and using simple recipes you can create some wonderful dishes.

        you can go to the library, look up online, or order the PB cookbook (which I will as soon as i get the funds haha)

        one of my favorite online recipe sources is they have a page where you can list ingredients you have already in your kitchen and they bring up a list of recipes that incorporate them into a dish. Quite helpful if you lack imagination.

        Hope this is helps.