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  • What's up? :-)

    Hey guys and ladies. I'm new here. I'm halfway through the book and I've been lurking around here for a day or two. I'll be working extra hard at eating right and living healthy this month as I am so motivated by the book and by an upcoming vacation I have planned for the first week of July which includes lots of pool time (eeek!). Anyway, just saying "Hi" :-D

    P.s. I should add I am doing fine avoiding carbs but I have a crazy ass sweet tooth and its my biggest obstacle. LMK if you have found a way to curb that craving (as I drink my coffee with a tablespoon of sugar :-/ )
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    Hello and welcome!

    If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! We're all here to help.


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      ^ Thanks! I sure will!


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        Hi! We are around the same height and weight, although my goal weight is a tad bit lower (perhaps unrealistically, we'll see) but I'm almost 5'5, 21, and when I weighed myself 3 days ago I was 136.

        I have a super bad sweet tooth as well.. I find that if I'm craving something sweet, grabbing some berries usually hits the spot! I used to put splenda in my coffee every day, but since going on the PB, I have switched to putting either heavy whipping cream or coconut milk in it and it kind of takes off the edge!

        Good luck


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          Hi Tara! Nice to meet you. Funny, I was just browsing the first pages of your journal I think a lower weight then my goal is totally realistic. I just have huge hips >:-o (41" currently) and I think it would look too pear shape if I got too thin so I think I look better around 128ish.

          I haven't ever had coconut milk but I'll try it out in my coffee. I think it sounds delicious! Do you know if frozen berries are unhealthy?
          I can go to costco and get those huge bags of blueberries with no added anything but are the frozen ones as healthy as fresh berries?


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            Welcome to the forum! Like you, I used to drink my coffee with a lot of sugar. I tried just putting less and less in, but as long as I did that the craving wouldn't go away.

            Finally, I just forced myself to drink my coffee totally black, no sugar and no cream. Of course, it was hard!!!! But, I kept at it, just refusing to put anything in my coffee, and I think it took about two, maybe three weeks, when one day, I realized that black coffee was just fine. When that happened, I allowed myself to add some heavy cream and coffee became heavenly again. I don't miss sugar at all now, and the cream adds just a touch of its own sweetness so it's perfect. Hope that helps!


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              I'm pretty sure that frozen blueberries are the same as unfrozen ones? As long as they don't have anything added, I think you'll be good! I buy organic frozen fruit from Trader Joes sometimes.. or I buy a bunch of fresh fruit, wash it, cut it up and put it into a bunch of individual baggies. That way when I get a sweet craving I can just grab a baggie from the freezer and munch away! I usually weigh them out and have about 6 oz in each bag. It's SUPER convenient!


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                Tara, the fresh ones are so damn expensive where I live! I figured the frozen were probably just as healthy but I wasn't sure if freezing them somehow makes them less nutritious.

                Hi Sharon! Wow, I can't imagine my coffee straight black but I am going to give it a try tomorrow morning. I know when I use to drink soda I hated diet at first but when I drank it for a few months and then I tried regular, it was much too sweet for me. Now I don't drink diet or regular but I think the coffee deal will go the same way.