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  • I love this site!

    I've been lurking here for a little bit, just reading and absorbing everything. So, I'm going to TRY to start a journal later and keep up with it. I am super busy as a mother of 2 year old twin girls but I need to start doing more for myself and posting here I think will make me feel more accountable....hopefully. It's a start. I started eating more "primal" I guess after reading Good Calories, Bad Calories a couple months ago....WOW, I had no idea. I've been killing myself for 27 years and my body has been feeling it in so many ways. I have high triglycerides, pre-diabetes, PCOS, and am overweight. I also have been suffering with a lot of pain and chronic fatigue ever since about mid preganancy with my girls. I thought it was just the preganancy making me feel like this but when it hasnt gone away after 2 years...well, I'm guessing not! I'll post more about this when I start my journal. I just can't accept that at 27 years old that I would have to live with any of this for the rest of my life, I want to reverse it all and that is what I am trying to do through this diet and lifestyle. Already, (even though I have totally been half-assing the diet for a couple months) I have lost 23 lbs without even trying, and my PCOS symptoms have almost completely gone away, AND my daytime blood sugars are completely under control even when I eat too many carbs...but, I still have a high fasting blood sugar and the chronic pain and fatigue are unchanged. Still, If I can get these results in just 2 months of making small changes I figure this is something worth giving all of my effort to!
    Whew, I didn't mean to write this much. I'm just happy to have finally found something that makes sense and I am also helping my mom who I gave Mark's book to after I read it and she is changing her diet too!(she has fibromyalgia and is on tons of medicines, all just to control symptoms and not help her in the long term) I can't believe how ridiculously wrong all the CW is about diet and disease and health...and how long I subjected myself to all just pisses me off. When my triglycerides came back high the first thing my doctor told me to do was to stop eating all fat. He said to go as low fat as possible....I don't have that doctor anymore. I am my own doctor now.
    Thanks for listening ~Katie