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    Long time lurker, first time caller here and thought I would introduce myself.

    I have been eating paleo/primal for a few months after losing 100lbs of weight on Atkins. I was very athletic growing up but gained a lot of weight after college due to some medical problems. I rapidly lost weight going VLC but there were side effects, mainly due to my own stupidity. I was looking only at macros and living off magic protein powders and splenda protein candy bars. Over time, I hit a weight loss plateu and was frankly looking more gaunt than healthy. I had lost most of my muscle and I just felt weak all the time. I thought I was just getting old but now I know I was pretty much malnourished.

    I have been having good success over the last couple of months building my muscle back and am feeling great. I've been having a lot of fun watching the amount of weight I'm lifting increase by the day and am having fun finding ways of making liver palatable.

    Nice to meet y'all.

    Male - 38, 6'0, 165lbs
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    Welcome! Congrats on the weight-loss and for finding a way back to health through Primal eating!
    I'm a 5'-6" tall female.

    SW: 212.4 lbs. February 14, 2013 (My second baby was born)
    CW:166.4 lbs.
    GW: 143 lbs.

    Just keep going.

    New goal:

    Get back to 80-90% Primal and back down to my lowest recent weight of 158 lbs. while doing as much moving and strength training as I can get in.


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      Yea keep up the hard work! it will pay off.
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        Well done for the weight loss and what is great you found out the truth in time about real food, so now you can become a wonderful healthy human. I am the same just over 2 months of healthy eating, been a few hiccups, but was due to health problems. I now am on the highway to becoming fit and healthy
        Got my life back September 23rd 2013...Female 5'6"

        HW 210lbs
        SW 202lbs

        The best feeling is not feeling depressed

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