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    Hi, my name is Adam. I am 18 years old and have been doing LCHF since the age of 16 years old (young right?). Anyways, my journey started my sophomore year of high school when I got a health teacher that told me how it was: fat doesn't make you fat or cause heart disease but rather sugar does. When I first heard his ideas, I thought the man was absolutely insane, but the idea still intrigued me. After a couple months of looking into the idea in more detail, I decided to give it a chance. Now the reason I was giving it a chance while most people wouldn't was because of my situation at the time. I was putting on fat, and it was happening fast. I was living on virtually nothing but grains and sugars with very little meat. I would usually have a large McDs coke every other day if not most days along with at least a few boxes of candy a week and multiple pb and j sandwiches (up to 4 a day). No wonder I had ADHD, Depression, and couldn't sleep without medicine. Just to give you a little perspective:
    Starting: 5'9.5" 160 pounds (very heavy for someone of my build)
    By junior year: 5'10.5" 132 pounds
    Now (senior year): 5'11" 145 pounds

    Now I asked my doc (who used to see me very often) what the weight gain was and she said "you aren't putting fat but it is normal to experience weight gain related to increasing bone density and muscle density at your age. She also said that if I wasn't gaining a little weight at my age she'd be worried about me. Crazy thing though: I still fit in everything I wore when I was 132 pounds and my waist has stayed the same despite the weight gain.

    Extra results besides weight loss: much happier, can focus much better now, no meds at all, and better state of mind in general. Increased confidence.

    Hopefully that wasn't too much text for you. Btw, call me Adam.

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    Good to hear your story Adam. Also, just because someone told you fat doesn't make you fat, doesn't necessarily mean fat is good, especially if you have a family history of liver or pancreas problems, incl diabetes. Lots of whole foods already have fat in them anyway, ie nuts, seeds, olives, some vegetables. Eating lots of fat as some people may be doing will stress out your pancreas and make the liver work harder than it needs to. Lost of whole foods will give you nutrients, plus fibre, complex carbohydrates for sustained energy. It's more about how you feel and function, than about weight/lbs. So long as you sleep well, have good energy, good mood, clear skin and eyes, strong nails, good bowel habits/function, then that is important. I also used to eat a lot of sweets/candy and sugar, plus wheat.. and it caused me major problems growing it is more about vegetables for me, and some high protein grains, rice, fruit, nuts/seeds, whole foods and quite a bit of raw, ie juices, salad, stir-fried veg. Keep up some lemon and lime juice too, just remember to rince your mouth after to keep your tooth enamel in good shape. best of luck.