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Recuperating from Parsonage-Turner syndrome...

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  • Recuperating from Parsonage-Turner syndrome...

    Hi everyone, I have started my new way of eating in Feb 2009 and have enjoyed everything about it. Last summer I clocked my best 40km time trial 24 hours into a fast. I couldn't believe it. I do IF about once every week.

    I went to a cycling camp in May 2009. Our group normally went for rides of 120 to 150kms. I rode everyday taking in only water, while everybody else were eating "powerfood" every 45 minutes or so. They didn't understand what I was doing.

    Hopped back on my mountain bike late in the season and participated in a few regional races on my singlespeed. I was really able to push myself harder than before. Those are like 30 to 35 minute races. So it's all out for half an hour. Can't see myself not doing this.

    On Feb 27th, I got hit hard by the Parsonage-Turner Syndrome (brachial neuritis) and my life basically stopped for about 6 weeks. I could only sit, including sleep (not much more than 2 to 3 hours a night because of the pain...) and started taking Lyrica, because nothing else had any effect on the pain. My left shoulder only has about 50% capacity right now and apparently it's going to take months before I can get most of it back. When I got this, obviously, everyone was saying it was caused by the way I eat. Sorry, I don't believe that. I haven't changes my diet and I just hope to see improvements faster than what the doctors are telling me. At 52, I don't have that many "racing years" left...theoretically anyway.... I am back on my bike though but my energy levels are low and I need ALOT of sleep. If someone knows anything GOOD about this syndrome, please let me know!

    Glad to be part of this forum!!!