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  • Hello from Pittsburgh PA

    Hello to all here on MDA.

    Stumbled across this website about a month ago, and have to admit at first was a little skeptical. But the more I read the more it all seemed to make sense. So I thought I'd give this whole primal thing a try (any food plan that allows bacon is one I can get on board A week and half into it and I have already lost about 7lbs! Now if I could only give up my flavored coffee creamer and diet soda....

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    welcome home phyleux.

    Tip on ditching the soda n stuff: just tell yourself your giving it up for 2-4 weeks as a test, and be deligent. If you dont feel better, you can always have it again later. but you will feel better... and you wont want it anymore.


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      Phyleux, Hello, I live in Youngstown, and I'm just starting this also, I really understand the coffee creamer problem, I used to use so much of it along with artifical sweetners but I have given it up in just a week, it's hard at first drinking black coffee. I call it "cowboy coffee", so I bought some almond milk and some cream and use a little of it in my morning coffee, it's really good. I hope since we are starting around the same time we can connect on here and support one another. Pittsburgh is just a stones throw from the YO. ps I lost 9lbs in the first week, isn't this great?


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        Thank you for sharing information.