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Hey all! (also, Fasting during period)

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  • Hey all! (also, Fasting during period)

    Hi! I'm in the midst of transitioning from Tim Ferris's weight loss plan to full primal--I'm eating as primally as possible and hope to have a fully primal lifestyle by the first of the year. I had a very good experience on the "slow carb" diet, losing about 45 lbs in 6 months before stalling out due to the perfect storm of Life Stuff about 18 months ago (Personal loss, busier with Work work and PhD work, and a lot of unexpected travel). I kept exercising during that period, and it absolutely helped keep me sane. I only drifted up about 10 lbs back since that low, but I'm to the point where I'm just tired of being chunky. As of today I'm about 40 lbs away from the top of my college weight range, where I think I want to be long-term. With course work winding down, now is the time for me to kick my efforts up to the next level. I have already said sayonara to legumes (no big loss honestly), and dabbling a little in IF this week. Even eating clean my digestive system always goes a little haywire right before and the first day of my cycle, so I'm trying a 24-ish hour water fast to see if it helps my body. Have any ladies experimented with IFing right before or during your cycles, and did it help?

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    Noting for the record for ladies who might see this post: 24 hour almost-Fast is done, and I feel much better for it. Now I didn't do zero calories--I had some heavy cream in my coffee, two bites of (damn tasty) non-optional social convention carrot cake made from scratch with organic ingredients by an amateur baker colleague, and a handful of raw milk cheese curds from the local dairy when the aforementioned sugar made me a little "top heavy". I doubt I even hit 400 calories before i broke my fast with some paleo-friendly chicken wings. I drank a ton of water, and most of my typical symptoms (bloating, crankiness, intestinal complaints, etc.) were less than usual. My rings even feel loose. Gonna try it again next month. :-)


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      About 4-5 days before your period is supposed to start cut down on carbs.
      Also, within that same time frame I start taking a Magnesium Citrate supplement to make sure my colon isn't drying out...because the hormones are regulated to hold on to stuff...not just the lining of the uterus and the potential fetus...but also the crap in your colon! This is what creates the pain whent he periods start...not the actual uterus that expands to the size of a Handball...but the crap that's been collected in your colon and is now being moved forward again since the hormones to "let stuff go" are being produced.
      It's a cycle that even most male doctors don't understand.

      IF is an excellent choice if you have the willpower to resist the munchies (gotta build that monthly nest!)...but in general, make sure your colon is clear and start IF on the 28th day after your last first day of your period.
      Some womens periods are always a day or 2 late this is caused by consuming too many carbs. Cutting down the carbs days prior to when the periods are supposed to start or doing a IF the last 1-2 days before its supposed to start will trigger the periods to come early because by nature it signals a scarcity of food and the mothers life is saved letting go of the lining and not having to worry about a baby.

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