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2 months on the diet, my observed changes

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  • 2 months on the diet, my observed changes

    My ladyfriend and I have been eating according to the primal blueprint, with dairy being included, for a little over 2 months. Here's what I have experienced:

    Hunger is no longer 'painful'
    Hunger was a omnipresent problem for me. I had to be sure to eat consistently lest I be nagged and distracted by hunger. Since cutting out sugar/grains/legumes, I can go a whole day without eating and feel fine, if not energized by the fast.
    Slight increase in musculature
    That small muscle between the bicep and tricep is now visible on my physique. The only other time in my life I've seen it pop out was when I was weightlifting diligently 10+ years ago. Haven't lost fat (yet), but I also don't much to lose. Probably about 11% bodyfat.
    Strength Increase
    Just to be sure my increase in muscle was functional, I did pull-ups to exhaustion for the first time in a year +. Did 9 pull-ups. In the past when doing my first set of pull-ups after a long period of no exercise, I could do but 6.
    Require less total food/calories for satiety
    I used to eat 3000+ calories a day while inactive, just to avoid feeling starved. Now i probably consume 2/3's that, am more active, and feel great.
    Energy consistently high
    No more mysterious slumps (likely insulin spikes/crashes). I feel ready for action almost always, except when sleep deprived.
    Facial hair grows faster
    Which is annoying actually. But I understand that it indicates androgenic health, so I enjoy it on that level. Unfortunately, my beard is still patchy, so even if I were to let it grow out it'd look terrible.

    My lady has lost about 20 pounds, and her waist has shrunk dramatically.


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    Have either of you been exercising at all?


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      Congratulations Luke! That list sounds familiar; I was feeling much the same after two months. It's been four months for me now, and I can assure you the good stuff just keeps on coming. Don't be afraid to grow the beard if that's your inclination. Mine always used to be patchy but it's a lot better since I clamped down on the insulin and spiked my testosterone.

      If you enjoy helping your small muscles make their debut, and you're looking for some primal variety in your routine, I humbly suggest this sledgehammer workout guide.


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        Perhaps on average I ride a bike twice per week for a 1.5 hour session. The past month I've sprinted about once per week. I've done intense pull-up/push-up workouts twice in the past few weeks. My girlfriend has been biking about 5 hours on average for the past 1.5 months.

        I have swung a sledgehammer for a workout once, due to inspiration from you and others in the primal following, as well as inspiration from a clip of Fedor Emelianenko training with one. The problem was, I was hitting the ground, and causing my neighbor's house to tremor; it's on hold til i get a spare tire or something else to bash. I'll check your guide out.

        Swinging club-like objects is rewarding. The human brain has evolved to love it (at least mine does).