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Trying this lifestyle and not feeling good ????

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    Definitely stick to it - it will be so worth it!

    I too started out on PB back in October 2009 with a gluten and dairy intolerance. Through trial and error I have realised that I can have a little bit of cheese and a little cream, but absolutely no gluten at all (I won't go into details). So, no bread, pasta, rice, crackers, cakes, etc. I don't really miss the things I can't eat because they made me feel so rubbish beforehand (and SO bloated) that it's not worth it.

    I definitely agree - you will need to up your fat intake when cutting down the carbs. it feels counter-intuitive at the start, but it does work. As for feeling awful - I didn't get that in the beginning, but I've just gone back onto 100% primal (from 80/20) to give myself a boost and the first few days I had a constant headache, felt lethargic, miserable and was (apparently!) very grumpy. Push through it - it will be worth it! I feel fantastic now.

    As for losing weight/inches. You will. I did and I always thought I was destined to be overweight and wearing a fat coat over my muscles (I have been religiously weight training for a couple of years). Finally, I have proper definition and a proper hourglass figure. The results are definitely, definitely worth it.

    The trick is, not to beat yourself up over the odd slip. It hasn't ruined anything - this is a way of life, not a diet. And we're all here to provide help, support, empathy, sympathy and congratulate you when you have successes.


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      Betty,you said after you work out you take Diatamaceous Earth?? We use that for bedbugs and you're not even supposed to breathe the stuff! Why?


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        The stuff I take is food grade and for human consumption. If you google it there are tons of testimonials. Personally, my nails and hair grows fast, my nails are much stronger, I am not as aching as I usually am, my hubbies blood pressure was not as high (but he got lazy and quit taking it), my skin isn't as dry. It is good for many things. I brush my teeth with it sometimes also and it leaves them so clean, like I was just at the dentist. It has many uses, but if you are going to consume it you need to make sure it is food grade.


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          I don't know what to make of your comments. First of all, you say that you know you're gluten sensitive, yet you keep eating gluten (chinese, pizza). Then you wonder why you gain a few pounds and feel miserable. Then you get hints that you may be allergic to dairy, too (which is not that uncommon for gluten-sensitive people) but you keep eating cheese - and again you wonder why you're not feeling great.

          Newsflash: If you know that something's not good for you - don't eat it. I know how tempting it can be, but if you do end up giving in to your temptation, please don't pretend not not to know why you're feeling bad.
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            Mike- I just recently learned I was intolerant to gluten and the acupuncturist thought dairy maybe an issue as well. Since I don't eat a lot of dairy I was not sure. Since adding heavy cream to my coffee I have determined that it is definitely a trigger and eliminated it. I have not seemed to have any reaction to cheese, but I have eliminated all but goat cheese, which does not cause issue for most people.

            I believe my comment was regarding pizza in the past not since eating primal. And in regards to the Chinese I stated I made what I thought was the best choice. I was with other people and did not have the liberty to refuse to eat where they chose. If I had gluten it would have been in the sauce as I did not eat the rice.

            I was feeling like crap from the low carbs. My body has adjusted. My post was regarding feeling like crap while beginning to eat primal. I am not sure why you feel the need to attack me. Yes, I have had a few cheats since beginning this and I have taken responsibility for feeling yucky due to eating something I shouldn't. AGAIN this POST was about feeling like crap while eating the way the plan suggests.


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              Just for the record, you can get Chinese places to give you the dish steamed with any sauce on the side. Even my local take-out place does this readily. That avoids the awful oils they surely stir-fry in and the corn-starch-laden (and who knows what other awful ingredients) sauce. I often get garlic sauce on the side -- it's intense enough that I find that a few little dabs provide plenty of flavor.


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                If you're avoiding gluten, be careful about the Chinese food. Soy sauce usually has wheat in it and most of the sauces have soy sauce in them! You might be able to do ghee, which is casein-free (the protein dairy sensitive people react to).

                Also, be careful about the carbs being too much- that banana in your smoothie could be enough to give your body a source of glucose to run on and as long as you're providing sources of glucose like that, you won't switch to using fat as fuel and you'll prolong (or never quite get out of) the low carb flu! The reason you have a "flu" is simply because the body doesn't have a lot of sugar to run on but hasn't yet learned to run on fat (it's almost like it's running on "empty")- when you keep eating too many carbs, you prevent it from learning to use fat.


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                  Thanks for the Chinese food info. I rarely eat Chinese, but was with my dad in another town so... I will keep those things in mind in the future.

                  I have SADLY ditched the banana and am using frozen strawberries. Doesn't mask the diatomaceous earth as well, but I will live.

                  Thanks for the help.