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  • Boon or Bane? - Drinking my way to Success

    Hey everyone... I have just joined and the reason for joining is 1. to share my success and 2. to seek help with cutting or stopping alcohol.

    I stared the Primal diet at the end of Aug 2012 when I had no other option and remembered a friend casually mentioning Paleo / Primal diet. Having time on hand, I found MDA and was completely blown away. It was God sent to me. To understand why it seemed God sent, a brief background.

    Some time at the beginning of Aug 2013, I had got my self checked for lipids & also did a liver profile. The reason for doing this was that my previous reports showed very high Triglycerides, high LDL, low HDL and a fatty liver. I was also on blood pressure medication. The results were similar to what they were in the past. Everything was high and having been warned by my doctor to change my lifestyle, I had committed to not drinking. However, my birthday was around the corner in Aug and after 10 days of being sober, I started drinking heavily again. Something had to give. Fortunately, nothing did and I found MDA.

    I went all out and devoured MDA and immediately started following the Primal diet. Food was not an issue because I like to cook and although I wasn't very regular at exercising, I started walking at least an hour a day and sometimes even more. I also started doing push-ups, squats (there is a story here: I did 3 squats and was sore for 3 days. Now, I can do a hundred and not feel a thing) & plank and a couple of hours of cycling every week. By end of December 2012, I was 85 Kgs. I have stopped the blood pressure medication. All my numbers are almost normal save for LDL which perhaps was a bit high due to rapid weight loss.

    During all this, I continued to struggle with alcohol. I drank at least, on an average, 4 beers + 2 double whiskeys every single day. But somehow, it did not matter. I kept dropping weight and got healthier. And the drinking continued. I tried several times to cut down or stop but after stopping for 1 day and not sleeping very well, I was drinking again.

    At present, I am 82 kgs, Crossfit 3 times a week at least, walk 3-5 times a week and continue cycling as well. But I am still drinking. It is affecting my work, my workouts and overall my health.

    Yesterday was a sober day for me. I did not sleep very well. Perhaps 4 hrs. But I had a great workout.
    Today is day 2.

    Not sure what I expect from MDA but any help is appreciated.

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    Good luck--hopefully you can get addicted to a healthy feeling...and the alcohol will take a back seat. Are you managing stress/personal stuff? The farther I go down the health road the more it spills into the psychological realm...taking ownership of the whole deal.


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      Thanks Tom. It is indeed psychological. Last evening from 7-8 pm all I thought about was a couple of beers and how good they would make me feel. Happy-celebrate, sad-get a boost with beer, tired-get better with beer, stress-beer. Basically anything can be fixed with beer. That is the justification in my head. Fortunately I got busy with cooking dinner, chicken wings MDA recipe and post that I took a cold shower. Then ate well and watched a movie and called it a night. Woke up at 4.30 am and went for a workout.

      So far so good. Day 2 success.


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        I will try not to be one of those that thinks I have the perfect answer every time, but I do have one natural supp that may help...I had great success using this to help others with both alcohol and drug dependencies. L-Theanine is natural with no side effects, available (my fave is Suntheanine, and didn't find others as effective, but I know other people who have), and excellent for withdrawal and other after effects...hope that may help! Best wishes and blessings~


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          Well I'll be honest with you, 4 beers and two whiskeys (if that is an honest, accurate assessment) is not all that much alcohol. Just above, by 4 beers or two whiskeys and two beers what is recommended for moderate consumption to gain the benefits of alcohol. But, if you're drinking more, if you're drinking is affecting your work, personal or family lives.... Either get your S... together and stop or take the cure.


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            RusM, it is 4 beers plus 2 double whiskeys. And it is an everyday thing. Trying to get my shot together hence here.

            Yesterday was the third day. The cravings were not as much as the second. Did not give in. However sleep was until 2.30 am and then from 4.30 to 5.45. This is what truly sucks.

            3 rd day sober. Success.
            4 th day, let's see.