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  • Big family lurking...

    I lurk often and rarely post, but love all that is shared! I have a large family of 9 - my 72 yo dad, 7 kids, ages 7-17 and I (43yo) - living in Guatemala...have had great successes with Primal/paleo lifestyle, and so easy to do here! We homeschool, volunteer, travel, write and whatever else strikes an interest.
    Just wanted to offer my bit of encouragement to all for all of the amazing posts and info...and sometimes, entertainment!
    Feel free to follow on Twitter @thecavemanclan if anyone wants to keep in touch!
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    What a positive and awesome post!!

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      We home school too! Very cool!


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        Thanks, all! Trying to be a better "poster"... I love to read here and always find motivation, which is often badly needed! I am especially hopeful to get some input about primal/paleo for kids - keeping them full and interested seems to be a bit of a challenge right now! Will try to reciprocate and add something (hopefully intelligent!) to the mix!