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  • Evenin' Guvnor!

    Just a lurker coming out of the wood-work! Been interested in this primal lark for some time now after stumbling across Mark's blog a few months back. Current status is on the fence! I'm currently studying for my imminent final exams at University, and for the past week have been trying 'primal' living out, so to speak. The idea being to see if a primal lifestyle can help with the waning energy levels as i read truckloads of dross academic literature! I do feel less tired, but there is the culturally-ingrained devil/angel on my shoulder (delete as appropriate) telling me that all this fat will make me gain weight!

    Must dash, lots to do and the like, but I will return and introduce myself properly in due course; my last exam is on the 21'st May, and I shall finally be free from the shackles of higher education. I simply wish i were more ignorant concerning the implications of having to leave student life and joining the 'real world'

    till then chaps and chapesses!