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  • Hello from a Primal newbie

    Hey everyone

    On the first of May I sold my elliptical and hit the pavement. I've been walking 1-3 miles per day, and feeling great about it. I got online to do some research about low intensity exercise and stumbled upon MDA! Last night I went out to buy The Primal Blueprint. Immediately I went to my pantry, filled up a garbage bag (soda, juice, convenience food, cereals, granola), and took out the trash! It was liberating to free myself of all that crap.

    I'm cutting back from 250+ grams of carbs per day, trying to achieve an average 100-150. I'm also living in a house with 4 roommates and their vice foods, so temptation is everywhere! This will be a challenge but I'm up for it Oh I suppose I should mention that I'm a "vegetarian" similar to Mark's wife... I eat fish and eggs.

    I'm 24 years old, 108lb with 18% body fat. It's kindof pathetic that, even being "skinny," I'm carrying nearly 20lb of body fat. I look forward to building lean, strong muscle living the primal way. I'm a little worried that I'll start dropping weight like a rock, and that I won't be building muscle in place of the fat. We'll see!

    Aside from all that, there are a few other areas I hope that living Primal will improve upon. I have general anxiety disorder, IBS (go figure), scoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis. I've been doing pilates 2-3x/week for 4 months and have noticed a great improvement in my hip and back pain. I'm on my way to a stronger, healthier body. I'll definitely be using the forum for questions and support!