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    Hi! While I am not entirely new to primal eating, I have recently started to follow it very strictly and am having a very hard time. I am a self-proclaimed endurance junkie ( I cycle professionally) and sugar addict : ) But I am working on it!

    I used to be a collegiate distance runner and since I've went on to even more hours of aerobic training I have gained weight! Crazy, eh? Guess Mark is right!? All this training causes me to have a crazy appetite! I've only gained about 5 lbs, but since I am a climber its important for me to get this off! I am 5'3 120lbs and hope to be at 115 by August 20th.

    I decided instead of adding another blog to my agenda (I already have a cycling blog) that I would post my daily eats on here to hold me accountable. Today I am also going to take waist and thigh measurements. So, here's day 1 brekkie:

    Waking weight (BB- before bathroom) hehe: 120.4lbs

    Breakfast -

    1 whole cup egg white omlt. sprinkled with cinnamon, vanilla extract

    2 tbsp. home made almond butter spread over it

    1/4 grapefruit, 1 small tomato

    coffee with stevia and splash milk

    <90 min easy ride>

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    eggs whites... why not whole eggs?


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      I agree... the whole eggs is better. The yolk has all the nutrition.


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        hehe, well, this was my thought.. I just made an entire jar of almond butter and was really craving it... so I decided nitch the fat in the eggs for the A.B. goodness.. not a good idea? Should I had just had them both... not scared of eating whole eggs and probably do so on a daily basis!


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          Snack after ride

          Rest of my grapefruit

          2 tbsp. pumpkin seeds

          Lunch an hour later or so

          BAS (3-4 cups spinach, 1 whole green pepper, 1 small zucchini, w/ 4 oz. chicken breast cooked w/ 1tsp. of sesame oil and some balsamic vinagerette)

          Took a trip to Earthfare to grab veggies and gosh darn if there weren&#39;t samples out!

          Had 1/2 oatmeal cookie and 4 cubes zuchinni bread (veggies, right, argh!)

          Snack before ride:

          1 banana & scoop of almond butter on some celery

          <ride- Tuesday night training crit- 90 mins>


          4 oz. ground bison

          1/2 cup organic tomato sauce

          2 c. broccoli

          1/2 cup local blueberries (delish)

          According to Fitday this is:

          1,435 calories, 67.6 grams fat, 121 carbs, 98 grams protein


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            Mmmmm.... Ground Bison! and Blueberries....(I&#39;m fasting right now. Why am I torturing myself? ;-)

            I hear ya on the sugar cravings and cardio-junkie bit!

            I was seriously becoming a cardio-rat until the PB book obliterated that road to disaster! Now, I use my sprints and hard-core hiking to be my exercise &#39;dessert&#39; ;-)

            Welcome and good luck! Looks like you&#39;re well on your way to your goals!