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Paleo Diet, Pregnancy, Weight Loss, Dental Tourism and Family

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  • Paleo Diet, Pregnancy, Weight Loss, Dental Tourism and Family

    Hey, Good Morning!
    My thread title is my current interests; the topics about which I'll be posting.
    I was looking around the net for information about dental tourism and came across MDA. What a find! Just about everything I'm currently interested in seems to be covered here.
    My husband and I began eating according to the paleo diet two months ago. I've tried several diets over the years and this one is the only one that really works. It's effortless and easy to live with. Fourteen pounds in two months!! If my sister's experience is any indication, the weight loss should continue at that rate for about five months. Once I'm down to my ideal weight and stay there for a few months we're going to try for a baby.
    I'm really looking forward to getting to know and chat with all of you.

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    I'm hoping to lose weight so we can try for #2
    DD born August 2012
    TTC #2
    SW: 1/20/14- 212.4
    CW: 2/21/14- 202.6 (9.8 loss)
    Goal: Short term, get below 200 and get pregnant. Long term, get to 120-130
    Mini goal, get in to a size 12.

    My boring uneventful journal for your viewing pleasure