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Hello, I'm a sugar addict.

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    Originally posted by FrenchFry View Post
    As a French, I just enjoy good and nutritious foods, whether paleo or neo-lithic, does not matter to me as long as it is low in toxic shit and has excellent nutrition.
    I can understand that, it is the most important !
    Unfortunatly, some French think that if the taste is good, it can't arm them. And baguette is really good !

    I agree with you and Otzy concerning pre and probiotics.
    I don't feel like putting starches or xylitol in my kefir. I prefer mixing it with a banana, or eat it with honey (good for probiotics as well).
    I just read artichokes are full of prebiotics too. yum yum.


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      Hi chucky how is your diet?

      I'm also sugar addict, it made ​​me do damage and made me mad, that shit can be as strong as a drug! But I think nothing is lost, and we are here to make a fresh start and improve our health !
      good luck in your career, you can do it!
      My journal

      SW : 64.7 kg --> (17/02/2014)
      CW : 62 kg
      GW : 48 kg


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        I am also addicted to sugar. I try to avoid it and sweet fruits as well. I eat dark berries like blue berries every day but I don't usually use any sweetners at all because I get out of control really quickly. I don't recommend any sweetners like xylitol because just the sweet flavor makes me want more. For the first few weeks of withdrawal it is helI. I try to stay out of stores where they have samples and I keep a protein snack with me at all times so if I have to go into a store I won't be doing it with low blood sugar. I found almonds were good. I also found eating salmon really helped with the cravings. We would go into the health food store and they would have samples and I would buy some salmon salad at the deli and it would get me though watching my husband sample all the goodies. It gets easier the longer you go without sugar and grains and potatoes. All of those really starchy sweet things just make it worse and take longer to get some peace. Drink lots of water to flush the crap out of your system and if you drink sodas try sparkling water and a piece of lime. It will take a while until your taste changes but for me going cold turkey gave me peace sooner than trying to cut down. Good luck! This is possible!