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Hi :) Just starting paleo, and 1 month pregnant. Advice and support needed

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  • Hi :) Just starting paleo, and 1 month pregnant. Advice and support needed

    Hi! I am slowly transitioning into a paleo diet, trying my best to eliminate grains, sugar and legumes, so that I can lose weight, and improve my health (I have tachycardia). I also recently discovered that I am pregnant, but feel I should still continue with what I'm doing diet wise. I'm hoping for some advice and support here, many thanks in advance

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    1 month pregnant? Good for you! I have a suspicion I *might* be as well; we'll see. I wrote a journal about my last pregnancy in 2009-2010. It went from week 17 until my delivery. I was never perfect with my diet but did a pretty good job and learned a lot about my body. It was far easier than my first pregnancy, during which I ate like crap. I think eating health(ier) was relatively easy during my pregnancy because I felt like more was at stake. My first tri wasn't good, but after that it was pretty smooth sailing. Take care of yourself for the next two or three months and hopefully it will get easier after that!

    When are you due? Is this your first?


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      Checkout . She has lots of great natural health advice and I think quite a bit about pregnancy, children etc..


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        I went primal at the end of my pregnancy due to having gestational diabetes. I wasn't perfect with it. I'd have a BITE of bread here or there, but never more than that b/c it spiked my sugar.

        Anyway, just wanted to say that being primal while pregnant is def doable and very healthy for you and baby
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          May I suggest the book Primal Moms by Peggy Emch. My wife has read it and loved it!

          All the best :-)

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