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Hi, I'm Robyn, and I'm a grain-aholic

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  • Hi, I'm Robyn, and I'm a grain-aholic

    I love the idea of PB. I've been checking out this forum for sevaral months now. I have the book and the cookbook should ship to me soon - so looking forward to it & hoping Mark signed it. I was raised in an Italian household with pasta at just about every meal and bread on the table. A couple years ago I was diagnosed with have gluten sensativities and have switched to gluten free items - breads, pasta, muffins, pizza, etc. I am also supposed to stay away from soy and peanuts. I am allergic to any food that swims in water [it cracks me up that restaurants don't consider fish as sea food]. I have given up most dairy products, but I do eat Greek yogurt for the good gut flora that it has.

    I'm finding it very hard to go completely grain free and would love any suggestions that would help.

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    Almond meal! You can add an egg, some salt, and a little olive oil. Once mixed together spread on a cooking sheet...about 400 degrees and 15 minutes later you have a pretty decient pizza crust. I must admit I found that reciepe(sp?) online, but it works. You can just skip the cheese if you have given up dairy.


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      not sure if i can post other websites on this forum, but you can google cave girl in the kitchen...that has plenty of awesome grain free meals.