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Primal not working for a lady?!

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  • Primal not working for a lady?!

    I wanted to write a quick post to see if anyone with more Primal experience or knowledge can assist me with some info. I am a 33 yr old guy that is VERY active and I can gain and lose weight very quickly. I have toyed with the Primal/Paleo style of eating over the last year or two and have found I lean out and feel 110% better when eating Primal/Paleo. I am trying to convince my wife that in this theory of eating and living but after 3-4 weeks of her doing 80-90% Primal she has not see any drop in weight on the scale. I have told her that I think she is seeing a better fit in her clothes but nothing has come off as far as KG's which she seems to focus on. She grew up in Latin America where rice fills the plates with a small side of meat washed down with fully loaded sugar sodas. Snacks here are cakes and sugar loaded foods. She is not a heavy girl, she is built fairly skinny but does carry fat around her belly and hips. I have told her she has been a sugar burner her whole life and it will take time for that stubborn fat she has always had to burn off and to be patient. A daily meal for her would be a boiled eggs for breakfast, salad and meat for lunch and then maybe some meat and veggies for dinner. On weekend it is a little more relaxed eating a small portion of rice or noodles at her parents house and maybe one non primal meal out for dinner on the weekend. She is not very active working at a desk all day but is up and down a lot...other then this not too much outside activity so to speak of. Any and all advice on what a girl can expect for dropping weight vs loosing fat, time it takes to see results and any advice from those that have been there would be great. When I share my knowledge with her she always talks about I drop the weight because I train so hard....I would like some feedback from the forum please!!!!

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    It works for me. I am female, over 40, and lost 26 kilo in 7 monthswith hardly any exercise. Have been at a steady weight for 6 months now. And feel loads better eating primal.


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      Holy block of text!
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        Her diet sounds ideally primal for maintaining her weight. If she is indeed finding a better fit in her clothes then that is a positive benefit, is she also feeling better/brighter with this way of eating? That would be another plus.

        If she is not very overweight but also not very active, then some weightbearing exercise and a bit more walking in her day would probably hold the key to getting more benefits from this lifestyle. She can't really cut her intake much more, other than the non primal weekend, but she could certainly do some squats and pressups.
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          She should start keeping a food log. There are plenty of iPhone apps for this or even if she writes it down on paper or in a Word document. A lot of times when people say they can't lose weight it is because they are eating way more than they think, too many calories and too many carbs. She may even be eating a lot more rice when you are not around then she says. Its harder to cheat when you have to write everything down. She probably needs to do some primal exercise, sprints and strength training as well.


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            I just started in August and I have noticed that the pounds aren't going down fast. Lost 10 in a month but I have lost 1% body fat and 9.5 inches!
            Maybe she should start measuring herself, inches say a lot more than pounds. I also carry my weight in my butt and hips and have noticed those are slower to thin.
            I hope I help you and her.

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              My advice:

              1. Give it a bit more time. Nothing in the body happens overnight.

              2. Keep a food diary, especially in the beginning. She needs to become aware of what she eats and how big her portion sizes are. It's amazing how many people have no idea how much they really eat.

              3. Consider other factors that might keep the weight on, such as stress and lack of sleep. And heck, I think that even just believing that you'll never lose those extra pounds can keep them on!

              4. Get a medical check-up and check blood (thyroid, vitamins, minerals, etc.) and maybe even a hair mineral analysis test, which has proven helpful for me. If her thyroid is out of whack it can have a big effect on her weight (I myself have autoimmune hypothyroidism).

              Good luck! With a bit of knowledge and time I know she'll reach her goals!