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Gaining weight on Leptin Reset?

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  • Gaining weight on Leptin Reset?

    I've been lurking for quite a while and thought I'd pipe up and see if I can gather some data. I'm a 44 year old male, 5'10" > 30% BF.

    About 10 years ago I got on the Atkins train and dropped a significant amount of weight. I was able to hold that for a year or two and then life happened and I ended up gaining it back. Several times since I went back to the same regimen but was never able to drop weight again let alone repeat the original amazing performance.

    I've continued eating pretty low (digestible) carbs since, mostly due to what I've learned about sugar and grains but never had much luck dropping weight.

    Recently I've read a couple of books about Leptin including the Epi-paleo Rx by Kruse. I've been doing the Leptin reset for a few weeks now including the supplements he recommends. About a week ago I started adding CT using a cooling vest and ice packs working my way up to body submersion.

    I feel better and have been sleeping better than I have in a long time. My head has never been foggy (even before the LR) and I've always been very sharp, but now I feel like a razor. This is all goodness.

    What is frustrating me is over the last two weeks I have been slowly gaining weight: about 10# total. This could very well be fluid as I've seen fluctuations of a couple of lbs over 2-3 days.

    Here are my questions:

    1. Has anyone had a similar experience gaining weight instead of dropping?

    2. How are folks' experiences with the latency from beginning an LR to seeing the beginnings of loss? I realize that healing will vary from person to person.

    I know the scale is not the best tool for drawing conclusions on progress, however during my Atkins days I was seeing 1-2# loss/week within about 2 weeks of my beginning it. I am also taking body circumference measurements but I don't have a large enough sample size to predict a trend.

    I've been doing the LR for only a short period of time but since I've been low carb for such a long time I kind of feel this should be like time served

    I would have also posted this to Kruse's forum but it seems that the Syrians have decided that his site is the best avenue for getting their word out and thus his forum is down.



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    What exactly is a Leptin reset, now? Is it just keeping your insulin as low as possible? I don't know Kruse.

    Eating "good carbs" can allay fat production but making it go away is another story. Atkins is great because you can pee on strips and see if it's working. If you eat 4lbs of meat and the scale reads 4 lbs heavier, but you are peeing free BHB, you can rest assured the fat is going away. I am wary of something that promises a "reset" unless results can be quantified (do you know a dude with a Mass spectrometer?)


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      I'm male, 48, 5'10, was 250--now 175, been eating Primal Blueprint Style for almost 3 years. Jack started his Leptin Reset right here on Mark's Daily Apple forum, he had a Leptin Reset thread that was like 100,000 comments or something crazy like that. I tried following along, but like you--I gained weight. Many others did, too. When that happened, Jack changed courses and added in CT, then blue sunglasses, then epi-paleo, then tons of supplements, then EMF avoidance, then structured water...I have been watching him with some amusement over the last few years as his train wreck continues. You'll notice, that as his followers stay un-well, his prescriptions get weirder and weirder.

      The trouble with the Leptin Reset is that nobody really knows if leptin is their problem. He says, 'look in the mirror--if you see a fat person, you need the Leptin Reset'.

      Here's my advice--forget Kruse, forget the Leptin Reset, forget CT, forget magnets and structuring your water. Do this instead--read the Primal Blueprint, lots of free stuff you don't need to buy anything. Start eating and exercising according to the PB. IF until noon (skip breakfast). Don't snack between meals and don't eat after 7pm (assuming you lead a normal day-shift kind of life). Get 7-9 hours of good sleep in a dark room every night. Give up all added sugar, flour, and vegetable oil.

      Not sure of your weight, but if you aren't able to drop 1-3 pounds per week following Mark's blueprint, then start examining what you are eating very closely and get labs drawn to determine if your problem is medical, ie. thyroid.

      People find that cutting and counting carbs to 75-100g/day helps speed up weightloss, but eventually you should plan on adding back in rice and potatoes to up your carbs to 100-150g/day. The Perfect Health Diet is a good book to explain all this, and expands on the Primal Blueprint (Mark Sisson wrote the forward to the PHD book).

      There are way better 'gurus' to follow than Kruse. He's out to make a name for himself and since Paleo turned on him, he's been very bitter and is just dying to be taken seriously. Just look at the history of the ladies on his forum--find me a true success story that relied on LR and CT.


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        Jack Kruse recommends everything that the previous poster said except those ridiculous carb amounts. Even PB doesn't recommend that many carbs for weight loss. The leptin reset is 100% in addition to PB. Dr Kruse goes into many, many special medical problems that are caused by modern diet and environment. Many sound crazy unless you hit on something that seems to apply to you. But for now, you know you have a weight problem that conventional medicine isn't helping. His speciality is helping those who fail on PB or other diets. Just continue with the plan. I guarantee adding more carbs is not the answer and lowering carbs and increasing fat usually are. Unless you are exercising more than Mark recommends, you don't need any starch. Once you lose 10-15% of your body weigh, everything thing starts to fall in place. The leptin reset just seems to be the easiest way to get there. You do need to do the none diet parts of PB, like sleep and reduce stress. If blue blocking glasses and CT don't help you get there, you have lost nothing.
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