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  • Thinking of taking the plunge...

    Hi there

    I live in the UK and have brought the Primal Blueprint book and Paleo diet book and am just reading through them. I'm interested in going 'primal' as so many of you seem to have had huge benefits from it.

    My only concern is that I've not eaten meat since 1993 however I do eat fish. Does anyone else on the primal diet not eat meat but eats fish - is this possible to do?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    You can get by on fish and eggs... why not eat meat though?


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      I understand the reluctance to starting to eat meat after abstaining so long. After many months of eating primally, I am only now beginning to enjoy eating red meat. You might be pleased to know that Mark's wife, Carrie, does not eat meat. Here is the best link for the blog posting where Carrie answers questions posed to her in a previous posting:


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        Hi there,
        I was vegan since 2000 and went primal in Novermber. For the first few months I didn't eat meat at all, but cut out all grains and sugar and added cocnut oil and milk. I could see a difference right away. I don't use eggs or dairy because of allergies, but adding in fish and other meats has made the whole primal life a lot easier. The meat I eat now is mostly fish. About once a week I have pork or elk.

        My advice would be to get a fitday account so you can track your fats/carbs/proteins and make sure they are right. As a vegan I didn't realize how many carbs were in my protien. =)

        I say go into it with an open heart and mind. Do 30 days like Mark asks. Then see how you feel. Good luck!


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          Thanks for the advice. I'll see how it goes without meat and try it for 30 days. The reason behind not eating meat was a TV programme that showed modern farming methods and the animals just looked so unhealthy that when I sat down to my chicken dinner it made me feel ill and I've not been able to eat meat since. Although I appreciate that the opportunity to eat well fed and cared for animals is available now I'm not sure how 'easy' it would be to go back to it....

          Best get myself up the shops to see what's available.....


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            Buy your meat from a farm or organic grass fed from the grocer... they are treated a lot better.